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Tire Chains

Providing the ultimate in safety and convenience, Kinedyne's GRIP LINK Tire Chains are causing a revolution in the marketplace! With superior quality, strength and durability GRIP LINK delivers under the most demanding conditions.

Just-In-Time Delivery

Kinedyne's industry-leading just-in-time stocking system takes the guesswork out of next season's planning. There's no longer any need to predict the future of your tire chain requirements; and there's no need to tie up cash and valuable floor space. Kinedyne's just-in-time delivery promises that orders are in stock when you need them, and available for immediate shipment where you need them.

Easy Carry - Easy Store

The convenience continues with our Easy Carry - Easy Store pail which makes it simple to display GRIP LINK at the shelf level and even simpler to store them in vehicles. Each durable plastic pail contains one set of GRIP LINK Tire Chains, or 1/2 set of Dual Triples, bilingual installation instructions and a tensioning tool (T-wrench).