Kinedyne Strength Winch Straps

For the kind of tie down jobs that you encounter every day, it’s a good idea to have a variety of our 2" Winch Straps on hand to help you out. They’re designed to get the job done right anytime you need them. The straps can be easily inserted into nearly any winch installed on your vehicle, then, using one of our Winch Bars, ... the straps are effectively tensioned, creating a tight and reliable grip over your valuable cargo. These 2" Winch Straps are available in 27-foot and 30-foot lengths with working load limits ranging from 1,670 Lbs. / 751 Kgs. to 4,000 Lbs. / 1,814 Kgs.

Built for the kind of strength we’re known for, our Winch Straps are equipped with sturdy and durable end fittings that easily connect with your vehicle’s anchor point. These end fittings, combined with the industrial strength of our polyester webbing, create the ideal tie down strap that beats out all other competition.

2" Winch Straps

Width (inches)
Length (feet)
Working Load Limit - Assembly (lbs)
Breaking Strength - Assembly (lbs)
Type of End Fitting
Kinedyne Rhino Abrasion Coating
Kinedyne K-Force Abrasion Coating
End Fitting Finish
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