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Easy Strap Insertion, Even with Ice Build Up...3-Bar Winch

Do you have a lot of Winch Straps with frayed edges on hand? Do you constantly struggle to get those edges through the winch’s slots without causing them to fray even more? Do you have to waste time knocking ice off of the winch’s frame in order to get to those slots? ... Instead of wasting all that time and effort, try our extremely durable 3-Bar Winches. These winches are designed with a winch reel that has three bars, which allow for easier strap insertion, even if the edges are frayed. Ice that has built up over the slot is also no longer a problem with this design, making your tie down job a lot easier.

Several different types of 3-Bar Winches are available, including our 3-Bar Low-Profile Weld-On Winch, our 3-Bar Standard Profile Weld-On Winch, our 3-Bar "C" Track Sliding Winch, and our 3-Bar Double "L" Sliding Winch. Pick any of these winches to experience easy and quick strap insertion.

3-Bar Winches

Slider Type
Bottom Mount
Side Mount
Working Load Limit - When used with Webbing (lbs)
Standard Thumb Pawl
"Thumb Saver" Thumb Pawl
Breaking Strength - When used with Webbing (lbs)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Storage Capacity - Webbing Length (feet)
Maximum width of strap used with (inches)
Type of Track used with
Width (inches)
Length (inches)
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