Get the Gold Standard, Black Edge, 3inch Winch Strap

When the cargo starts getting heavier, it’s about time to upgrade your straps from 2" to 3" to give them the extra strength and coverage for the heavy-duty cargo securement jobs. This one-inch difference between them can mean a world of difference for your load and getting everything to its destination in one piece. The additional inch employs more of our industrial strength polyester web to the load as it’s being tightened down, effectively securing heavier cargo. These straps are easy to tighten during loading and even easier to loosen during unloading, saving you a lot of time and effort that can be better spent out on the road....

From Flat Hooks to Wire Hooks to Chain Anchors to Delta Rings, our straps are equipped with nearly any kind of strong and durable end fitting. Our 3" Winch Straps are available in 27 feet and 30 feet with a working load limit of 5,400 Lbs. / 2,450 Kgs. Take a second to browse around and find the right Winch Strap that works for you and your load.

3" Winch Straps

Width (inches)
Length (feet)
Working Load Limit - Assembly (lbs)
Breaking Strength - Assembly (lbs)
Type of End Fitting
Kinedyne Rhino Abrasion Coating
Kinedyne K-Force Abrasion Coating
End Fitting Finish
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