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4 inch Ratchet Straps, Tie Down Power

When you want tough, we give you tough, and our 4" Ratchet Straps are manufactured and designed for high-performance in the toughest kind of tie down requirements for the heavy-duty jobs. The 4" Ratchet Straps with Flat Hook and ... Chain Anchor end fittings can handle a working load limit of 5,400 Lbs. / 2,450 Kgs. while the 4" Ratchet Straps with Wire Hook end fittings can handle a 6,000 Lbs. / 2,721 Kgs. working load limit. Like we mentioned, these are the Ratchet Straps for the cargo securement jobs that require more strength and more durability.

Engineered with a 4-inch-wide tightly weaved polyester thread, these Straps are designed with the durability you need to help you take on the tougher tie down jobs. Our 4-inch x 27-foot or 30-foot Flat Hook Ratchet Strap is equipped with a special Abrasion Clip. This thin piece of steel is located on the inside of the Flat Hook in order to protect both the hook and the webbing from severe wear damage, increasing both their strength and durability during the tough tie down job.

4" Ratchet Straps

Width (inches)
Length (feet)
Working Load Limit - Assembly (lbs)
Breaking Strength - Assembly (lbs)
Type of Tension Device
Type of End Fittings
Fixed End Length (inches)
Kinedyne Rhino Abrasion Coating
Kinedyne K-Force Abrasion Coating
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