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Position Even While Tensioned, C Track Sliding Winch

Versatility is what you need, and versatility is what you get with any of our "C" Track Sliding Winches. Rather than remaining in a fixed, stationary position, these winches can be placed anywhere along the Winch Track. They are designed to continuously provide you with strong security as they lock firmly into place once tension is applied to the Winch Strap. You get both flexibility and strength with these "C" Track Sliding Winches....

We carry a collection of strong and reliable "C" Track Sliding Winches for your tie down jobs, including standard and storable profile with and without small disks along with a 3-bar winch. "C" Track Sliding Winches must be used with either our 6’ or 12’ Steel Winch Track or our 6’ Aluminum Winch Track.

C Channel Sliding Winches

Slider Type
Bottom Mount
Side Mount
Working Load Limit - When used with Webbing (lbs)
Standard Thumb Pawl
"Thumb Saver" Thumb Pawl
Breaking Strength - When used with Webbing (lbs)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Storage Capacity - Webbing Length (feet)
Maximum width of strap used with (inches)
Type of Track used with
Width (inches)
Length (inches)