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Anyone looking for a fast and efficient tensioning device can benefit from any of the Cam Buckles we have to offer. We carry both 1" and 2" Cam Buckles that can be used for tie down jobs that require a lightweight touch. ... Easier to control the amount of tensioning than the Ratchet Buckle, our Cam Buckles are designed to easily handle the smaller tie down jobs that don’t require the same kind of force that a Ratchet Buckle has. Additionally, Ratchet Buckles are bulkier, meaning that they could cause some damage to the cargo. When it comes to securing more delicate cargo with industrial strength, Cam Buckles are the way to do it.

Our Cam Buckles are made of durable diecast zinc alloys and carbon steel with an anti-corrosion zinc plated finish. They are designed to keep a strong and secure grip on the webbing. Note that the cam pin joint should be periodically lubricated with a spray lubricant to keep the lever operating properly. Regular maintenance can help make our Cam Buckles last you longer.

We also have a number of Cam Buckles that are National Aerospace Standard compliant. These buckles are marked with an NAS Number.

Cam Buckles

Size of Webbing used with (inches)
Working Load Limit (lbs)
Breaking Strength (lbs)
Overall Width (inches)
Overall Height (inches)
Overall Length (inches)
Weight (lbs)
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