Cargo Tie-Down Hardware

From strong tensioning devices to durable end fittings to reliable securement points, we have everything needed to create a strong, durable, and reliable tie down assembly that you can trust with your cargo. These buckles, ... hooks, and points offer a wide range of applications, each with their own strengths and advantages. Find the right combination for the job, and you’ll experience what true security really feels like in no time.

Our tensioning devices include our strong Ratchet Buckles, our quick Cam Buckles, and our efficient Overcenter Buckles. Though each of them is used for different types of tie down jobs, they are all engineered with industrial strength for reliable security.

We have a hook and an end fitting for nearly any kind of tie down job, including our Flat Hooks, S Hooks, Snap Hooks, Wire Hooks, Chain Anchors, D-Rings, and Logistic Strap Fittings. We also carry end fittings designed for specific applications, such as our Rave Hook for our Kin-Sider System, our Roll Off Container Hook for waste disposal, and our automotive fittings for car securement.

For interior van securement jobs, we have all the Logistic Strap fittings and securement points needed for an accurate and reliable tie down job. We carry a selection of fittings and points that can attach to the different types of Logistic Tracks, including Series A, E, F, and L.

Whatever you’re looking for to acquire reliable securement, we have the right hardware for you.




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Kinedyne Hardware 101: A Guide to Cargo Tie-Down Hardware

Hardware 101 is part of the Kinedyne Education Series of introductory videos created by Kinedyne LLC. This series of videos is designed to teach the basics of cargo securement products: what they are, what they are used for, and how to choose the right tools for the job and more.

Ratchet Buckles

Ratchet Buckles Kinedyne offers a complete line of Ratchet Buckles to handle all types of tie down applications. All buckles are designed for strength, durability, and ease of operation. Ratchet Buckles are available for webbing widths 1" to 4" with various handle configurations to satisfy user preferences.

Cam Buckles

Cam Buckles Kinedyne Cam Buckles are designed to provide a fast and efficient tie down method. These buckles are exceptionally durable and easy to operate. Strength ratings are contingent upon the use of recommended webbing. Use these buckles for the smaller tie down loads that don’t require a lot of force.

Overcenter Buckles

Overcenter Buckles Our Overcenter Buckles enable the user to put additional tension on the strap through an effective overcenter toggle action with minimum wear to the webbing. All Overcenter Buckles, except the 2" Overcenter Buckle and the 2" Overcenter Buckle with Black Finish, feature a positive lock mechanism.

Flat Hooks

Flat Hooks One of the most common and reliable end fittings on the market, our Flat Hooks are engineered with the strength needed to keep a secure hold over the cargo. Looking for the right hook for the job? Choose from our collection of Flat Hooks, ranging from 1" to 4".

"S" Hooks

S Hooks Available in a variety of sizes, our S Hooks are strong enough to easily take on the cargo securement job. Their shape lets them quickly hook onto nearly any anchor point for reliable security. They come in either a corrosion resistant zinc plated finish or an anti-scratch vinyl coated finish.

Snap Hooks

Snap Hooks For extra security, choose any of our Snap Hooks. These hooks come with a strong keeper, which helps prevent the hook from coming off of the anchor point. The hooks are also available in a twisted shape to prevent the webbing from twisting around.

Wire Hooks

Wire Hooks Get to those tight spots with our narrow Wire Hooks. Another popular end fitting, our Wire Hooks are built with a slim body that allows them to easily fit into those harder to reach tie down points. Once hooked, they provide you with stable and reliable securement.

Rave Hook

Rave Hooks In order to experience the revolutionary Kin-Sider Curtain System, which creates fast and easy side cargo access in seconds, you need our Rave Hook installed to work with our Overcenter Buckles. This Rave Hook works flawlessly with the buckle to easily open and securely close the Kin-Sider System.


Rings For the tie down jobs in which the anchor point is a hook, you need our strong and durable Rings to provide reliable security. Available in different sizes, from D-Rings to Delta Rings, these end fittings easy to equip to your tie down strap and even easier to hook onto the tie down point.

Chain Anchors

Chain Anchors Rough jobs call for the durability of our Chain Anchors. These extremely abrasion-resistant end fittings are ideal to use with rougher cargo, such as concrete or wood. They are engineered with strong chains with a reliable and secure Grab Hook fixed on the end.

Logistic Strap Fittings

Logistic Strap Fittings Equip your Logistic Strap with the right end fitting to work with your Logistic Track installed inside the trailer. We have any strong fitting to match the right track, including Series E, A, F, and L end fittings. Each provides a strong and reliable hold on the track for a secure tie down job.

Securement Points

Securement Points Create solid Securement Points on your Logistic Track with any of the hardware we offer here. Quick and easy to install and remove on the track, these Securement Points provide a strong and reliable attachment point that you can use to reliably secure your load within the inside of the trailer.

12 Jaw Fittings

12 Jaw Fitting Built for strength and durability, we carry a large selection of our 12 Jaw Fittings. These fittings offer reliable securement quickly and easily. Our Jaw Fittings are also available with Military Specs.

Automotive Hardware

Auto Tie-Down Hook We have all the hooks you need to help with your automotive job. From our universal Auto Tie-Down Hook that works with nearly any car model to our Cluster Hook that contains the right hook for the right job, with a R Hook for General Motors & Chrysler, a T Hook for Ford, and a J Hook for imported vehicles.

Roll Off Container Hook

Roll Off Container Hook Our Roll Off Container Hook helps acquire a strong and reliable hold over rolling containers, such as dumpsters. This makes handling such roll-on/roll-off containers easier thanks to our hook’s strength and durability.

Web Adjusters

Web Adjuster We offer an easy-to-use adjustment process with our durable Web Adjusters. These adjusters do exactly what you think: they help you make quick and easy adjustments to the tie down strap. Appropriate for lightweight or heavy-duty tie down jobs, our Web Adjusters provide superior gripping power on the strap.