Catalog & Product Sheets

Catalog & Product Sheets

Anniversary Catalog

Take a look at what 50 years of cargo control excellence looks like in our special Anniversary Catalog. Over the past half a century, we’ve been dedicated to engineering products that are built to our unparalleled standards of unchallenging quality and performance. This new, expansive catalog includes 83 new products along with new upgrades, new features, and new expansions on existing products. See exactly why we’re known as The Cargo Control People.

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50th Anniversary Catalog

"Thumb Saver" Winches

Most of Kinedyne’s most popular winches have gone through a major makeover for even greater performance. Not only do they now weigh less and integrate with our Rhino MAX and K-FORCE straps to boost working load limits by more than 20 percent, but they now include the "Thumb Saver," which is an extension on the thumb pawl that allows you to easily open and close the winch’s sprocket, even if you’re wearing your gloves.

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Thumb Pawl Winch Brochure

Grip Link Tire Chain Bungee

Looking for a better way to keep your tire chains secure? The Kinedyne Grip Link Tire Chain Bungee is the tool for the job. This quick and easy to use bungee has a corrosion resistant zinc plated steel ring that attaches 6 heavy duty rubber arms with grab hooks and is made to fit any Kinedyne V-Bar, Square Link, or Studded Tire Chain.

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Grip Link Tire Bungee

Kin-Slider & Kin-Sider

Dedicated to providing you with revolutionary cargo control solutions, we present our industrial Kin-Slider & Kin-Sider Curtain Systems. The Kin-Sider transforms the slow and laborious loading and unloading process into a smooth and seamless operation with easy-to-operate buckle and hook fasteners. The Kin-Slider brings speed and efficiency to trailers as the whole curtain can be opened and closed in 30 seconds. Quick and easy to use, these systems can be installed in most trailer configurations.

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Kin-Sider and Kin-Slider Brochure

Flags & Banners

Safety is our priority, and we enforce safety with our Flags & Banners. These warning flags and reversible banners are constructed for high visibility to promote alertness and awareness while out on the road. Our red warning flags come in different styles to accommodate most situations while our reversible banners alert drivers on whether you’re carrying an OVERSIZE LOAD or a WIDE LOAD.

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Flags and Banners Brochure

Go for the Gold

Don’t just settle for silver or bronze or even just yellow. Go for the Gold with Kinedyne’s "gold standard" products. Our tie down straps are gold simply because they are made to meet the highest standard of quality, safety, and reliability. Following our unique Kinedyne recipe, from weaving to packaging, we have complete quality control over every single step of the manufacturing process to ensure consistently with our outstanding product performance.

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Gold Standard Brochure

Kaptive Beam

Maximizing your load capacity can help maximize your profits, and we’re here to help with that with our Kaptive Beam System. This system transforms your trailer with its durable and strong Kaptive Beams for a more flexible decking configuration. These beams remain captive within the trailer, so there’s no more hunting down the right sized beam or worrying about lost or stolen beams. Everything you need is right at hand at all times.

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Kaptive Beam Brochure

Winch Straps

Kinedyne’s high-quality strong and durable Winch Straps are now available three levels of standard, industrial, and rugged. The Kinedyne Gold Standard is ideal for the everyday tie down jobs that need our level of reliability. The K-FORCE Winch Straps are the heavy-duty straps with an increase working load limit to handle the heavier loads. The Rhino MAX Winch Straps are reserved for the especially heavy-duty loads thanks to their enhanced durability.

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Winch Straps Brochure

Kwik Winder

For Kinedyne, quick just wasn’t quick enough. That’s why we engineered our Kwik Winder to make the job even quicker. This special strap winder is designed to easily wind up your winch strap in a fraction of the time it would take doing it by hand. This also makes it easier to store the winch strap once you’re finished using it, which helps keep the strap in pristine condition. Experience just how kwickly our Kwik Winder recoils your straps.

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Kwik Winder Brochure

Grip Link

Prepare for slick and slippery driving conditions with Kinedyne’s Grip Link Tire Chains, engineered for enhanced durability. Available in a variety of different styles, these Tire Chains are easily installed onto your vehicle’s drive tires to increase traction. Each style is designed to bite into the snow or ice either off road or on the highway, giving your tires enough grip to continue propelling the vehicle forward, all while you remain in control.

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Grip Link Brochure

Ratchet Winch Bar

If your muscles easily grow tired or if you fear the risk of a winch bar slipping off the winch during the tensioning process, we recommend switching to our revolutionary take on the standard winch bar. Our Ratchet Winch Bar operates the winch using a ratcheting motion, allowing for a safer, more efficient, and more convenient tensioning process. This bar positively locks into the winch, preventing it from slipping loose and offering the safest possible range of motion.

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Ratchet Winch Bar Brochure

Curtain Side Products

Kinedyne has been setting the standard for load securement technology development since 1968, and we’ve used that time to perfect our Curtain Side Products. We carry products that offer better cargo securement, greater cargo capacity, faster cargo access, and much, much more. All of these features are designed to maximize productivity, extend flexibility, increase performance, reduce downtime, and enhance speed.

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Curtain Side Products Brochure


Kinedyne is offering one of the handiest solutions to loose Ratchet Straps with our StrapPak. Other methods of securement such as duct tape or zip ties or rubber bands can easily come undone, especially during transit. Our StrapPaks provide a reliable security that you can trust. They’re the quick and inexpensive way to prevent your straps from dragging around on the ground and getting worn down to the thread. The StrapPak also acts as a convenient storage bag for whenever you’re off the road.

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StrapPak Brochure