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Kinedyne provides high-quality Chain Binders at a competitive price to help you tighten down your heavy-duty load. Chain Binders come in many different styles and are available for different sized chains. ... While each has its own advantages and disadvantages, all of our Chain Binders are engineered to provide heavy-duty strength needed to effectively tension your chains to create a tight and reliable hold over your cargo.

Each of our Chain Binders are engineered with strong and reliable 3/8-inch Clevis Grab Hooks. These hooks are engineered for high-quality strength and enhanced durability as they easily grab onto the chain and keep a steady grip as the Chain Binder is used to tighten down the chain and the load.

Two of our most popular Chain Binders offer different methods of tightening the chains, and your choice depends on which one you find more comfortable to use. The Lever Binder uses leverage to tension the load and locks itself in place. It’s easier to use with less maintenance. However, it is known to cause some strain on the operator, and the lever stores more energy.

On the other hand, the Ratchet Binder uses gears, handles, pawls, and end fittings, working in a ratcheting motion to tighten the chain. It takes a lot of strain off of the operator, and the handle doesn’t store as much energy. However, operating the Chain Binder is a slow and steady process that takes a bit longer.

We also offer a few of our unique Chain Binders. The Adjustable Lever Binder is manufactured for optimal strength and leverage with an adjustment feature that lets you quickly change the length of the adjustable end for an easy fit along the chain. As the name implies, our Recoilless Chain Binder is engineered so that it has less kickback when it’s unlatched. Finally, our Saf-T-Binder is designed to promote safety while offering a better alternative than using cheater bars.

Chain Binders must not be used with cheater bars or other handle extenders to tension the load. Using a cheater bar may result in serious injury to the operator and damage to the chain. When required, Kinedyne recommends the use of a Kinedyne Combination Winch Bar for Kinedyne Lever Chain Binder load release only. All Kinedyne Chain Binders are engineered and manufactured to meet the recommendations set forth by the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM).

Chain Binders

Type/Style of Chain Binder
Working Load Limit (lbs)
Breaking Strength (lbs)
Min Size of Chain Used with (inches)
Max Size of Chain Used with (inches)
Take-up Length - length of slack when Binder is ti
Swivel Hooks Adjustment
Weight (lbs)
Width (inches)
Length (inches)