Cargo control is a rough and tough industry, so you need to suit up your cargo before you haul out. Whatever tie down method you use, we have the right kind of Protector for your load. For those who prefer different tie down assemblies, we have Corner Protectors made from high-durability steel to prevent webbing, cable, or chains from damaging the cargo. Do you mostly use webbing? Our Plastic Corner Protectors get the job done right. ...

When dealing with especially rough cargo, our Protectors are designed to evenly distribute the tension of the strap, chain, or cable over the Protector’s length, effectively protecting both tie down assembly and cargo from damage while maintaining the strength of the tie down.

Corner Protector

For Use with Webbing (Winch and Ratchet Straps)
For Use with Chain
For Use with Cable
Maximum Width of Webbing
Length (feet)
Length (inches)
Drop - Protecting the side of the Cargo (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Top - Protecting the side of Cargo (inches)
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