Trailer Double Decking Systems

Kinedyne’s Kaptive Beam Decking System boosts trailer load capacity by up to 100%. The Kaptive Beam Systems from Kinedyne utilize an aluminum beam extrusion with a special head assembly that moves within a vertical aluminum track section. ... When not in use, the Kaptive Beam can be raised to ceiling level for storage. The design of the track allows for easy installation in most trailer configurations, and its low profile reduces snagging by forklifts. We have either our reliable K1 Kaptive Beam System or our durable K2 Kaptive Beam System available for installation, along with all the tracks, beams, accessories, and replacement parts needed to make your cargo securement job as seamless as possible.

Engineered with the trucker in mind, what you get from our K1 or K2 Kaptive Beam Decking Systems are nothing but beneficial advantages.

It optimizes efficiency and use of trailer cube capacity. Traditional securement methods use only the floor for space, leaving more than half of the trailer empty. That’s a lot of wasted space. Instead, our Kaptive Beam Systems allow you to increase your trailer’s cargo capacity by using the whole space – floor to ceiling – to store even more cargo.

It offers quick and easy adjustment. The beams are designed to glide smoothly over the vertical Logistic Track, offering versatile placement to accommodate cargo of different shapes and sizes. They can be adjusted with either your hands or our handy Beam Release Pole.

It helps improve profitability by reducing claims related to damaged freight. Stacking one load directly on top of another can potentially result in both loads getting damaged, something no one – not the trucker and certainly not the customer – wants. Use our Kaptive Beams to create a strong and durable second floor, or double deck, to use for stacking instead.

It provides economical decking and secure shoring. Double decking allows you to store even more cargo within the trailer, reducing the number of trips that need to be made while increasing revenue. Shoring helps keep the loads separated and the trailer organized, effectively reducing the amount of time spent searching for the correct cargo to unload.

It stores the beams at ceiling level. This provides optimum flexibility while deterring loss and/or theft. No more leaving the beams around, waiting to be forgotten at the terminal or snatched away by a thief. With the beams stored away, the trailer can then be used to load and transport cargo that doesn’t require the double decking systems.

It facilitates quick loading and unloading. These beams are always at the ready, never having to be removed from the trailer. They remain captive within the trailer on a fixed vertical Logistic Track so that they’re available whenever it’s time to load and easily moved out of the way when it’s time to unload.

Whichever system you choose, you’ll be able to see them pay for themselves in as little as three hauls. Start saving time, money, and labor with these incredibly useful heavy-duty Kaptive Beam Systems.




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Kinedyne Kaptive Beam 101: A Guide to Kinedyne Decking Systems

Kaptive Beam 101 is part of the Kinedyne Education Series of introductory videos created by Kinedyne LLC. This series of videos is designed to teach the basics of cargo securement products: what they are, what they are used for, and how to choose the right tools for the job and more.

Kaptive Beam System Operation

Operating the Kinedyne Kaptive Beam System is a quick and simple process that gets you back onto the road faster. Before starting to load the cargo, make sure that all of the beams are in the fully raised position to avoid colliding with the forklift mast. Lower the first set of beams into place, and then load the first section at the front of the trailer. Be sure to load the pallets onto the upper deck first. Lower the beams for the next section. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to finish the loading process. You’ll find the truck ready to go in no time.

K1 Kaptive Beam System

K1 Kaptive Beam Limited trailer capacity is a problem of the past with Kinedyne’s K1 Kaptive Beam System. This Double Decking System helps increase profits by maximizing a trailer’s cargo space, creating two levels of cargo instead of just one. Now you’ll be able to easily stack palletized cargo without having to worry about damaged freight. Use the Kaptive Beams for decking or shoring applications, offering immense versatility that anyone in the cargo control industry needs. With Kinedyne’s Kaptive Beam, you get amazing flexibility in decking configurations as well as remarkable savings and convenient ease-of-use.

K2 Kaptive Beam System

K2 Kaptive Beam Revolutionize the way you ship freight with Kinedyne’s K2 Kaptive Beam System. This incredibly helpful Double Decking System offers quick and easy beam adjustment to multiple heights in order to fit various load configurations. Use them to create a sturdy second floor or use them to create barriers between different loads. Whatever the need, these beams are always within reach since they never have to leave the trailer. Heavy-duty cargo securement jobs are no match against the Kinedyne-strength of our K2 Kaptive Beam System.


Bridge-Trak The Bridge-Trak is the one truly portable quick-release Decking System in the market. These Logistic Tracks can be easily installed and removed inside a trailer in a matter of seconds. Truly portable, it can be switched between different trailers, allowing your entire fleet to experience what it means to have true cargo control. Use the Bridge-Trak for shoring and double decking applications as it continues to provide you with strong and reliable support for your cargo securement jobs.