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Efficient and Flexible, Double L Winch

For a more versatile option compared to our weld-on winches, we have our industrial strength Double "L" Sliding Winches available. These heavy-duty winches are engineered to provide optimal tensioning anywhere along our Winch Track, offering you the freedom to choose exactly where you want your tie down point to be. This kind of flexibility can lead to a more efficient tie down job, making it a lot easier to get done....

Double "L" Sliding Winches must be used with our 10’ Aluminum Winch Track. They’re available in a variety of different styles for your convenience. Pick whichever one you feel works best for your cargo securement job, whether it’s our standard, storable, low-profile, or 3-bar winch with a galvanized or zinc plated finish.

Double "L" Sliding Winches

Slider Type
Bottom Mount
Side Mount
Working Load Limit - When used with Webbing (lbs)
Standard Thumb Pawl
"Thumb Saver" Thumb Pawl
Breaking Strength - When used with Webbing (lbs)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Storage Capacity - Webbing Length (feet)
Maximum width of strap used with (inches)
Type of Track used with
Width (inches)
Length (inches)
Working Load Limit - When used with Cable (lbs)
Breaking Strength - When used with Cable (lbs)
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