Enclosed Trailer Cargo Securement

Simply stuffing the trailer full of cargo without any means of securing it can result in a lot of unhappy customers with damaged freight. Kinedyne carries an extensively detailed collection of diverse Enclosed Trailer Products to help with your interior van cargo securement jobs. ... We have versatile Logistic Straps, durable Logistic Beams, and strong Logistic Bars that work flawlessly with either our stationary Logistic Tracks or our new portable Bridge-Trak to create a secure and solid hold over the invaluable cargo.

Equip your trailer with our Logistic Track or our new portable Bridge-Trak so that you can experience how it truly feels to have reliable security. Each means of securement comes with in variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and strengths to handle the many types of tie down jobs that are encountered in the industry. Since we understand just how hazardous this industry can be, we also have our Replacement Parts available for our Logistic Beams and Logistic Bars. Additionally, there are so many Enclosed Trailer Accessories on hand that you are bound to find something to make the tie down job even easier.

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Logistic Straps

Logistic StrapsFor versatility and security, you’ll want to use our Logistic Straps to take control over your enclosed trailer cargo securement jobs. Engineered with industrial strength webbing combined with durable hardware, our Logistic Straps come in a variety of sizes to accommodate nearly any kind of tie down job that needs to get done quickly and efficiently. Just hook the fitting to the track, wrap the flexible webbing around the cargo, and then connect the end to the same track or another track in order to create a strong grip on the load.

These straps are equipped with strong end fittings that offer a reliable hold while working with the right Logistic Track. These fittings include Series E or A Spring Loaded Fittings and 3-Piece Fittings, Series F 1" Hole Butterfly Track Fittings and Notched Hole Track Key Fittings, and Series F 3/4" Hole Butterfly Track Fittings. We also have straps equipped with Narrow Wire Hooks and Plate Trailer Hooks, which can be used with any track.

We also offer two types of tensioning devices to help tighten down the load: the quick-to-use Ratchet Buckle and the easy-to-use Cam Buckle. Both are manufactured to provide effective tensioning quickly and effortlessly. In addition to the 12’, 16’, and 20’ webbing, we also have Logistic Straps available in our extra-strong K-FORCE webbing. This is the kind of webbing you use for the tougher tie down jobs.

Logistic Beams

Logistic BeamsLogistic Beams can be used for both shoring and decking applications, making them a great and versatile addition to nearly any interior trailer cargo securement job. They’re the cost-effective way to maximize trailer capacity while reducing freight damage. Engineered with the trucker in mind, these beams are built strong for reliable securement.

Using these beams for shoring can help prevent different loads from knocking into each other, which could potentially result in damaged freight. Keeping them separated can also help you stay organized. As Decking Beams, these beams can create an extra layer that can support more cargo. This can increase the trailer’s capacity as they give you more room to secure more cargo.

We carry Series E or A Logistic Beams made from aluminum, heavy-duty aluminum, extra heavy-duty aluminum, and steel. All Kinedyne Series FE8000 and FE8066 Aluminum Decking/Shoring Beams include a KwikLatch beam header release mechanism. This mechanism is located on the side of the beam head, making it easier to access and less likely to get damaged.

Logistic Beam Replacements

Logistic Beam ReplacementsWe carry everything you need to make repairs to any damaged part of a Logistic Beam. The cargo control industry is rough work environment. Equipment is bound to get damaged eventually. That’s why we have everything from head assemblies to attaching pins to repair kits available to help make the repairs necessary to get your Logistic Beams back up and running.


Bridge-Trak The only true portable quick-release Logistic Track decking system in the market today, our Bridge-Trak allows you to ship 50% more cargo when it’s installed in the full trailer length. Installs in seconds and removes in seconds, this revolutionary portable track lets you easily switch it out between different trailers quickly, cutting down on valuable time that can be spent transporting even more cargo than before. You are able to use this system to create 2" centers anywhere between logistic posts, and it can be used for both decking and shoring applications, so you can keep your loads separated, organized, and secured easily. With the Bridge-Trak, you can take full advantage of your trailer’s maximum freight capacity, which can help increase your profits as you transport more cargo.

Logistic Tracks

Logistic TrackKinedyne offers a complete line of Series E, A, F, and L Tracks designed to provide the attachment point for a wide variety of interior van cargo control systems. The Logistic Tracks will accept all end fittings, sockets, beams, and bars designed for use in Series E, A, F, and L Tracks. These tracks are offered standard in 10’ (3m) length.

Very easy to install, these tracks are a necessity for enclosed trailer securement jobs. They are engineered to provide a solid hold on straps, beams, bars, and other fittings that require a Logistic Track. Whatever securement method you choose, your load is in good hands with our tracks installed on your trailer floor and walls.

Logistic Bars

Garment BarChoose from our extensive list of Shoring Bars for use with 3/4" and 1" hole diameter Series F Logistic Tracks. Use these bars to create a strong and solid barrier between loads to prevent them from damaging each other during transit. This can also help keep everything separated, making it easier to access and unload different types of loads. No more digging around to find which cargo needs to be unloaded. These bars come in different shapes and styles, including round, square, heavy-duty, garment, and vertical. Each bar is adjustable, so choose which one fits the inside of your trailer.

Jack BarWe also have our Jack Bars available for those who don’t have trailers equipped with Logistic Tracks. These bars attach to the trailer walls using suction, creating a solid hold to keep your cargo in place. For larger loads, we recommend our handy Jack Bar with Welded Hoop Sets. For differently sized trailers, we have our Retract-A-Bar that can adjust to three sizes. And for easier operation, we have our Saf-T-Lok Bar available.

Logistic Bar Replacements

Logistic Bar Replacements Keep those Logistic Bars in top shape with our Logistic Bar Replacements. In an industry where it’s very easy to run over bars that are laying on the ground, it’s a good idea to have a few replacement parts on hand for quick repairs. We have all the parts and all the bits and pieces needed to make a full repair to any damaged bar. You’ll find everything you need in this category, from foot to handle, from nut to bolt. We also have replacement parts specifically for our Saf-T-Lok Bar.

Enclosed Van Accessories

Wood Beam SocketsDedicated to offering the ideal solutions to most tie down problems, we have a wide variety of different Enclosed Van Accessories to help out with all the odds and ends of cargo securement. Struggling to keeping those wheeled carts from rolling around? Need a handy storage space for either your Logistic Bars or your Logistic Straps? Want to turn your trailer walls into usable space for stable security? We offer reliable accessories to help with all of those problems and more. Take a look and find exactly what you’re looking for to make your tie down job as smooth and effortless as possible.