Flatbed Trailer Cargo Securement

We are the Cargo Control People, and we are here to help truckers and fleets alike get back control over their cargo. Give us a tie down problem, and we’ll give you the ideal solution to make the securement job a smooth and effortless process. From Straps to Winches to Ropes to Hooks, we have everything you need to help you securely tie down your important cargo.




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Winch Straps

Winch Strap Kinedyne is dedicated to providing you with high-quality solutions for your tie down jobs, and that includes our extensively detailed selection of our strong and durable Winch Straps. We have a Winch Strap available for nearly any kind of tie down job that requires our kind of strength and versatility. With our signature Kinedyne Gold with Black Edge line, we are offering 2", 3", and 4" of resilient strength that’s equipped with extra-durable end fittings such as Flat Hooks, D-Rings, Wire Hooks, and Chain Anchors, among others. For the heavy-duty jobs, you’ll want our K-FORCE line that employs more polyester material in the body of the strap for extra strength. Need to take care of some rougher cargo? That’s what the famed toughness of our Rhino MAX is for, which has the durability to take on the tougher cargo securement jobs. No matter what the job is, we’ve got the Winch Strap to help you out.

Strap Bands

Strap Bands Keeping your Winch Straps organized doesn’t have to be such a time-consuming and tedious process. Not when you have our Strap Band on hand to help you out. Very easy to use, our Strap Band is designed to keep your Winch Straps from unraveling so that they can stay tightly wound for easier handling and storage.


Winch Kinedyne winches provide a reliable method for securing cargo on flatbed trailers and other vehicles. Kinedyne offers a very wide and detailed variety of styles to ensure that the correct winch is available for each application. For extra webbing capacity, we have our Storable Winches. For permanent solutions, we have our Weld-On and Bolt-On Winches. For flexibility, we have our "C" Channel and our Double "L" Sliding Winches. For situations where space is limited, we have our Low-Profile Winches. For rougher loads, we have our Weld-On Cable Winch. For colder climates, we have our 3-Bar Winches. For situations that call for both webbing and cable, we have our Combination Winches. And you bet that we have a lot more different types of winches waiting for you.

Winch Tracks

Winch Track Looking for a smooth and effortless way to gain more control over your tie down job? That’s what we’ve designed our Winch Tracks for. Both our "C" Channel Winch Tracks and our Double "L" Winch Tracks are engineered to work flawlessly with their respective winches. We offer an array of options that can be easily installed on nearly any flatbed trailer. From steel to aluminum, from 6 feet to 12 feet, we’re offering a Winch Track that can help make your tie down jobs easier and less stressful. Sliding Winches, whether they’re storable, standard, galvanized, low-profile, etc., are designed to move smoothly in both directions along these Tracks. Once tension is applied to the Winch Strap, these winches lock firmly in place for a reliable tie down job every time.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps We’ve got a line of Ratchet Straps to help with nearly any type of tie down job a trucker will encounter in the industry. We have Ratchet Straps in 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches available in either 27-foot or 30-foot lengths that are equipped with the right kind of durable end fittings to get the job done. Our Kinedyne Gold with Black Edge line is best suited for the everyday securement jobs where reliability and strength are key for successful securement. If it’s strength you need, strength is what you get with our K-FORCE Ratchet Straps, which are designed for the ultra-heavy-duty tie down jobs. For the jobs with rougher cargo, our ruggedized Rhino MAX Ratchet Straps are more than capable of easily handling the tough jobs with heavy cargo.


StrapPak Kinedyne is offering a quick and inexpensive way to secure the extra webbing of the Ratchet Straps with our handy StrapPak. Instead of just leaving the Straps to drag around on the ground or flap around in the breeze, our StrapPak safely and securely stores up to 30 feet of that excess web. This bag can attach to any standard 2-inch Ratchet Strap and can be used on any open-air or enclosed trailer or utility truck. When you’re done for the day, the StrapPak also doubles as a convenient storage bag for your Ratchet Straps, keeping them secure and safe while opening up some more space in your garage or workspace. Having a StrapPak on hand helps you stay organized.

StrapPak Replacements

StrapPak ReplacementLooking to replace a Ratchet Strap’s Fixed End or just want the StrapPak bag by itself? You’ll find exactly what you need in our StrapPak Replacements. We’re offering a Ratchet Strap Fixed End with a StrapPak Bag already preassembled on the Strap as well as an Aftermarket Bag that can be installed on any 2-inch Ratchet Strap already in service.

Utility Straps

Utility StrapsFor the general-purpose securement jobs, we have a number of different Utility Straps all ready and available for you. These Straps are ideal for the smaller tie down jobs that don’t require a lot of force. Tools, supplies, smaller vehicles, etc. are just some of the things that can be securely held down by our Utility Straps. We are offering a variety of Utility Straps with different hardware, with tensioning devices such as Ratchet Buckles or Cam Buckles, along with end fittings such as Wire Hooks, Flat Hooks, D-Rings, and S-Hooks. Take a look at our many Straps, and you’ll find one that’s perfect for the job.

Winch Bars

Winch BarsAll of our Winch Bars feature a knurled non-slip handle and a tapered, carbon-steel nose piece for strength and easy operation. Combination bars have modified handles for use in releasing lever chain binders. If you’re looking for a really easy Bar to use, we have our Ease-Z Winch Bar, which allows for rotating the bar 360 degrees without having to remove it for easier leveraging to tension a strap.

Transport Chains

Transport ChainOur Transport Chains come in several different sizes and options, including precut with grab hooks and bulk chain in barrels. Some of the chains are also offered in a highly visible, reusable box that you can use for easier storage. Our Grade 70 chains have the strength needed for the heavy-duty tie down jobs with the durability to stabilize larger loads. The Grade 30 chains are best suitable for general-purpose tie down jobs such as holding down some lumber. All of our chains are engineered and manufactured to meet the recommendations set forth by the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) and are embossed with the Manufacture’s Identification Mark as well as 30 to identify it as Grade 30 or 70 to identify it as Grade 70.

Chain Binders

Chain BinderWe are offering a number of different types of Chain Binders to suit your tie down job. Our Chain Binders are made of formed steel, providing a quality Chain Binder at a competitive price. Our high-quality Binders stand tough against all weather and load conditions. We have an Adjustable Lever Binder with Locking Pin for extra security, a Lever Chain Binder for better handling, a Recoilless Chain Binder for less kickback, a Ratchet Chain Binder for easy operation, and a Saf-T-Binder for a safer solution. Whatever Chain Binder you choose, you’ll know that your load is in good hands.

Chain Accessories

Chain AccessoriesThere is a variety of different Chain Accessories available for you to outfit your Chain Assembly with. Different assemblies call for different accessories, from industrial strength hooks such as the Clevis Grab Hook, the Grab Hook with Stoppers, the Slip Hooks, or the Slip Hooks with Clip/Latch, to extra durable links such as the Shackle with Clevis Round Pin, the Screw Pin Anchor Shackle, the Twin Clevis, or the Quick Link. Browse our vastly detailed accessories and find exactly what you need for your load securement.

Corner/Web Protectors

Corner Web ProtectorReduce damage to both your cargo and your tie down strap with any of our Corner/Web Protectors. Constructed from either steel or plastic, our Corner Protectors feature a corner recess to protect the edges of cargo from getting damaged. We also have BrickGuards designed to act as a strong barrier between the webbing and abrasive bricks, Tarp Guards that protect the edges of your tarp against the sharp corners of your load, and VeeBoards that give the straps something to grab onto instead of the cargo. If you’re looking for a bit more flexibility, there’s also our Web Protectors, which are made of nylon, Velcro, or rubber material and can be placed anywhere along the Strap for extra protection.

Tarp Ties

Tarp TiesKinedyne "PRO-GRADE" Tarp Ties offer the most durable Tarp Tie on the market today. Tying down some cargo in a colder climate? You’ll want to use our Natural Rubber Tarp Ties, which don’t crack under the cooler temperatures. Is it hot outside? Our EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber is an excellent choice for the hotter climates due to its natural resistance against UV rays. All Kinedyne Tarp Ties come with zinc plated S Hooks as a standard feature that are made with tempered steel but still have enough ductility that they may be formed as needed. Both Kinedyne Natural Rubber Tarp Ties and EPDM Rubber Tarp Ties come fully assembled and are packaged 50 per box.

Rubber Ropes

Rubber Ropes For anyone who wants to build their own Tarp Tie, we offer strong and durable Rubber Rope that’s designed to get the job done. Versatile solid core natural Rubber Rope provides for fast, secure tie down of tarps that you can rely on. The Rubber Rope comes standard in 150-foot rolls, which can then be cut to your desired length. Then you combine the cut Rubber Rope with a pair of our durable S-J Hooks to make a custom length Tarp Tie to hold down your tarp to help protect your cargo.

Flags & Banners

FlagOur top priority is safety, and we’d like to help you extend that safety to others with our detailed Flags & Banners. Our red, high-visibility warning flags measure 18" x 18" and come individually shrink-wrapped in different styles. We also offer versatile, double-sided banners that read WIDE LOAD on one side and OVERSIZE LOAD on the other to help warn other drivers of the size of your cargo. For Canadian regulations, Kinedyne has our Canadian Reflective "D" Dimensional Banner available.

Coil Chocks (Bunks)

StrapPak To assist in compliance with DOT standard 49CFR section 393.120, we have a Coil Chock (or "Coil Bunk" as it is referred to in the regulation) to assist in your load securement. The Coil Chock is used to support 4" x 4" or other suitable lumber which keep the coil from rolling. We offer both our Standard Duty and Heavy-Duty Coil Chocks for extra security. No additional tie downs are required to retain the Coil Chock as they are held in place by the lumber and the coil itself. Note that the Coil Chock itself is not a cargo control device and should not be accounted for in total cargo control system working load limit calculations.

Floor Chain Tie-Downs

Floor Chain Tie-Downs Kinedyne’s Floor Chain Tie Downs are for use on steel frame flatbed trailers. They are a self-storing, convenient anchor point for securing your loads. They weld to a trailer cross member and mount flush with the trailer deck to prevent interference during loading and unloading. We’re offering our Standard Grade 43 and our Heavy-Duty Grade 70 Floor Chain Tie Downs to act as reliable attachment points to help make securing your load a flawless operation.

Strap Winders

Strap WinderStrap Winders are an extremely helpful tool for all flatbeds that are equipped with winches. They’re designed to help quickly wind 2" to 4" Winch Straps to help save you a lot of time when you’re unloading your cargo. In addition to our Standard and Premium Strap Winders, the Kwik Winder is designed to allow drivers to wind the Winch Strap onto the mandrel of the winch in a fraction of the time it takes to do it by hand. These essential tools easily recoil the Straps, save time, and get drivers back on the road quickly.

Heavy-Duty D-Rings

Heavy Duty D-RingsHeavy-Duty D-Rings are designed to allow you to fix maximum strength anchor points anywhere on a trailer for greater capacity and versatility. This offers you better control and flexibility for your tie down jobs. These D-Rings, constructed using forged steel for maximum durability, can be used with a variety of tie down assemblies that use chains, straps, cables, or ropes. Feeling creative? All of our D-Rings are paintable so that you can match the color of the Ring to your trailer.

C & J Hooks

C & J HooksAll of our C & J Hooks are flame cut from 5/8" steel for industrial strength. We’ve designed them to easily fit flat on trucks for easy welding and will accept D-Rings, Web Loops, Cable, or Rope, acting as strong and reliable anchor points to help you with your cargo securement job. Choose from our Standard C Hook, our Standard J Hook, or our Special J Hook, all of which provide fast and simple hooking for easier tie down jobs.

Wire Ropes with Chain Assemblies

Wire Rope with Chain AssemblyWire Ropes with Chain Assemblies are made from high-quality wire rope with Grade 70 durable chain and reliable Clevis Grab Hooks. They are tagged, tested, and rated to meet applicable industry regulations. Lightweight yet extremely strong, our Wire Ropes with Chain Assemblies are engineered with the durability needed to handle the heavy-duty tougher jobs.

Lifting, Lowering, & Suspension Slings

Wire Rope Sling Our Slings are engineered to benefit specific lifting applications, such as lifting, lowering, and suspending, and provide both strength and flexibility to help you accomplish your task with minimum effort. Available in three different sizes, Our Two-Ply Polyester Web Slings are versatile enough to be used in choker, vertical, and basket hitches. These Slings are manufactured, rated, and tested per the Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA) Specifications for Synthetic Web Slings. Built for extra durability, we offer our Wire Rope Slings in a variety of lengths for a number of different applications. They are an efficiently strong and reliable tool in the cargo control industry, especially when you’re handling the rougher kind of cargo. These Wire Rope Slings are 6 x 19 Classification Wire Rope Slings manufactured, rated, and tested per ASME B30.9 for Wire Rope Slings. They can be used in choker, vertical, and basket hitches.

Ratchet Strap Replacements

Ratchet Strap Replacement The cargo control industry is a rough environment. Sometimes Ratchet Straps end up under a truck tire, weather and use wear them down, or they end up in the wrong place. Either way, when a Ratchet Strap has reached its breaking point, we’ve got a wide variety of replacement parts available so that you don’t have to throw away the whole Strap. We have 18" Fixed Ends available with an array of tensioning devices to help gain maximum tensioning in no time. Do you already have a Ratchet Buckle ready? We have Fixed End Replacements that are available with no tensioning devices attached. No Adjustable End for your Ratchet Strap? Luckily, we have plenty with a variety of different end fittings to fit all your needs. Take a look and find exactly what you need.