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The Kinedyne Floor Chain Tie-Down is designed to be used on load securement jobs on steel frame flatbed trailers. It is self-storing and mounts flush with the wooden trailer deck so that it doesn’t get in the way during loading or unloading. Our durable Floor Chain Tie-Downs are engineered to provide convenient and reliable anchor points for securing cargo....

We know that different kinds of loads require different kinds of strength, so that’s why we are offering our Standard Grade 43 Floor Chain Tie-Down, and, for the tougher jobs, we have our Heavy-Duty Grade 70 Floor Chain Tie-Down available. Both provide a strong, secure tie down point for your cargo securement job.

Operating our Floor Chain is very simple. Lift the lid of the Floor Chain Tie-Down and retract the chain. Then seat the hook of your tie down assembly between the two adjacent links of the Floor Chain Tie-Down. There, now you’re ready to reliably secure your load.

Kinedyne’s Floor Chain Tie-Downs are engineered to comply with the recommendations set forth by the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM). The Floor Chain Tie-Downs must be attached to securing points of equal or greater strength in order to maintain the established working load limits of the tie downs along with following the stated minimum welding requirements.

Floor Chain Tie-Downs

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