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Our Heavy-Duty D-Rings provide a strong and reliable anchor point for nearly any truck or trailer that needs to haul heavy-duty cargo. We offer a selection of high-quality Weld-On or Bolt-On D-Rings ... of various sizes that can be used with nearly any kind of tie down method, whether it’s chains, cables, or webbing. Manufactured from forged steel with a natural steel finish for enhanced strength and durability, these Rings are more than capable of taking on the heavy-duty tie down jobs with efficiency. A strong tie down job needs a strong anchor point, and we offer some of the strongest.

Heavy-Duty D-Rings

Ring Diameter (inches)
Working Load Limit (lbs)
Breaking Strength (lbs)
Weight (lbs)
Inside Height of D-Ring (inches)
Inside Width of D-Ring (inches)
Outside Height of D-Ring (inches)
Outside Width of D-Ring (inches)
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