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When the roads are frozen over in ice, our Highway Tire Chains are designed to provide you with steady and reliable traction to help get the vehicle to where it needs to go. ... Made from high strength/hardened carbon steel, these tire chains are engineered to provide optimal strength and durability to give your tires the right amount of traction to make it over such hazardous terrain.

The Highway Tire Chains come in two styles: the V-Bar Tire Chains and the Square Link Tire Chains. Each has their own method of gaining traction over rough terrain, but both are engineered with highly durable cross links that are designed to provide optimal grip.

Easy to install and easy to remove, it’s a good idea to have these tire chains at the ready in your truck whenever you hit those icy roads. To help make storage easier, the chains come in reusable pails that you can store in your vehicle.

Highway Tire Chains

Single Tire Chain
Dual-Triple Tire Chain
Tire Size
Traction hardware type on Cross Link Chain
Tire Chain Material
Weight of a complete set of Tire Chains (lbs)
Side Wall Chain Diameter (mm)
High Strength/Hardened Carbon Steel Center Chain