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The 12 Jaw Fittings are constructed for securing items such as seats, chair legs for airline, aerospace, and military purposes. These industrial strength fittings are engineered from high... -quality aluminum/steel with an anodized/zinc plated finish to give them extra durability so that they’re ready to get the job done. Easy to use and install, the 12 Jaw Fittings are built to withstand the challenges while retaining their strength.

Jaw Fittings

0° Breaking Strength (lbs)
90° Breaking Strength (lbs)
Overall Height (inches)
Overall Width (inches)
Stud Height (inches)
Stud Width (inches)
Height of Ring (inches)
Thickness of Ring (inches)
Height of Threaded Stud (inches)
Width of Threaded Stud (inches)
Dimension of Hole (inches)
Weight (lbs)
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