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Years ago, we looked at the top of the inside of a packed trailer and thought, "Look at all that potential space." Always looking forward with an emphasis on continuous improvement,... Kinedyne created our industrial revolutionary K2 Kaptive Beam System, the most comprehensive, load-optimizing system in the industry. Instead of only using the floor to store and secure cargo, our K2 Kaptive Beams can be used to increase cargo capacity by utilizing the full floor to ceiling height of a trailer.

Built with the kind of durability and wear resistance that you’ve come to expect from Kinedyne, these beams are engineered to perform under heavy-duty conditions, offering efficient support for both decking and shoring applications. Bring them down from the ceiling when you need to create a solid deck or barrier for your loads, then raise them back up to the ceiling when you’re done with them.

Easy to install in most trailer configurations, our K2 Kaptive Beam Tracks are designed to operate smoothly with the beams to make your cargo securement job a lot easier and quicker. The beams glide along the tracks easily for better control over beam adjustment, saving a lot of time in the long run. These tracks offer optimal versatility for optimal use of trailer space.

We also have a number of different accessories available to help make the job even easier. From End Caps to Beam Release Poles, we have everything you need to fully outfit your trailer. In addition, we also carry all the parts you need to make any quick repairs to the beams so that they can continue to perform optimally for longer.

K2 Kaptive Beam (Double Decking System)

Decking Working Load Limit (lbs)
Shoring Working Load Limit (lbs)
Weight (lbs)
For Trailer Width (inches)
Head Assembly Type
Minimum Length
Maximum Length
Head Assembly Material
Head Assembly Finish
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