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Kinedyne replaces traditional curtain-side systems commonly used on 18 wheelers with the much more effectively efficient and high performing Kin-Sider Heavy-Duty Curtain-Side Vehicle System. Applications often include scenarios in ... which sideloading is advantageous, such as racked cargo, long-cargo formats, and other situations where loading and unloading freight from the roll-up aluminum door at the rear of a trailer is slow or laborious.

The Kin-Sider Curtain System is operated through the use of web assemblies with easy-to-operate Overcenter Buckles and hook fasteners that are located at the bottom of vertical reinforcements and are augmented with double screws and bolt plates. The curtain is designed to smoothly and flawlessly roll along a top and a bottom rail, allowing you to effortlessly open the curtain for quick access and close the curtain for protection.

A Universal Tension Box is located at one end, which is designed to effectively tension the curtain so that it remains tightly bound to the trailer. When it’s time to unload, all that needs to be done is loosen the tensioning and undo the web assemblies. You’ll have access to the cargo in no time flat.

The Kin-Sider is especially efficient for anyone who needs to make frequent stops and deliveries, requiring quick access to the cargo for easy unloading. Whether it’s building material such as glass or doors or drywall, or it’s industrial cargo such as auto parts or aircraft components or equipment, our Kin-Sider provides optimal access quickly, whenever and wherever you need it.

Kin-Sider Curtain System

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