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Kinedyne’s revolutionary Kin-Slider Curtain System can be fully opened and closed in 30 seconds with an all-in-one release mechanism, a game-changing piece of technology that is sure to impress management and drivers alike....

The Kin-Slider provides a technological advantage for those with chassis-mounted truck bodies that now use roll-up doors and traditional curtain-walled vehicles that want to operate with greater speed and efficiency. Able to be opened and closed at both ends of the truck or trailer, this curtain system lets you fully open the curtain, access the cargo, and then fully close and seal the curtain again all within just 30 seconds. The system has a unique full-length, vertical, multi-latch closure system with an adjacent, all-in-one latch release mechanism located at both the front and the rear of the trailer.

Store beverages, equipment, wood, windows, racked goods, nearly anything in the trailer, and you’ll have full access to it in under 30 seconds. This faster cargo access gives delivery vehicles greater flexibility and latitude when they’re making deliveries in dense urban quarters, in neighborhood cul-de-sacs, and everywhere in between.

Stop being burdened by slow traditional curtain systems or laborious heavy roll-up doors, which lead to less cargo space along with operator fatigue from handling those doors repeatedly throughout the day. The Kin-Slider gives you the 30-second advantage. Shorter opening and closing time means less time at each delivery point, which speeds up frequent loading and unloading intervals over short distances, quickening deliveries between centralized hubs and satellite distribution points.

Kin-Slider Curtain System

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