Light-Duty Commercial Vehicle Cargo Securement

Everyone loves their recreational vehicles. Whether motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercrafts, boats, snowmobiles, pick-up trucks, camping gear, or bicycles are your adventure toys of choice, you want ... to take real good care of them. We’ve responded to this growing market by creating Steadymate – a complete recreational vehicle securement system that delivers legendary Kinedyne quality. With Steadymate, you’ll be able to confidently secure your toys so that you can get them to where they need to go faster and easier.

Choose from any of our six reliable Cinchtite Tie Downs to help you with your recreational vehicle tie down job. Does your new toy prefer to be in the water? We have our Marine Transom Trappers ready to secure your boat for transport. Additionally, a number of different accessories are available to help make these tie down jobs go a lot smoother.

We also carry a full line of gadgets and straps to assist with your towing and recovery jobs, whether it’s for full-sized automobiles or recreational vehicles. Our Snowmobile & ATV Tow Strap can help get your vehicle out of a slippery situation while our various Axle Straps, Tire Nets, and Automotive Straps can be used to easily secure your car for transport.

For securing bicycles and other two-wheelers, we have our handy Wheel Chock. For securing cargo on the back of a pick-up truck, we have our 6-Point Adjustable Pick-Up Truck Net. For help securing nearly anything within your trailer, we have an assortment of different types of Securement Point Fittings and Kits to create that solid hold you need for your tie down job. Whatever job needs done, we have the right tools to get it done right.




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Kinedyne Recreational Securement 101: A Guide to Recreational Securements

Recreational Securement 101 is part of the Kinedyne Education Series of introductory videos created by Kinedyne LLC. This series of videos is designed to teach the basics of cargo securement products: what they are, what they are used for, and how to choose the right tools for the job and more.


Cinchtite There’s a Steadymate Cinchtite Tie Down to help you secure any motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or personal watercraft with both great ease and efficiency. Whatever toy you have that you want to transport, we have a Cinchtite ready to help get that ATV to the path or that snowmobile to the mountain. There are six different Cinchtite in total, each engineered using the combined power of durable webbing with strong hardware to provide a reliable securement job that you can count on.

Cinchtite Accessories

Cinchtite Accessory We have a variety of accessories for our Cinchtite Tie Downs to help make the securement job go a lot easier and smoother. These include our Handle Strap, our Soft Loop, and our Kwik Strap, which are all designed to wrap around parts of the vehicle to allow easier attachment for the Cinchtite instead of hooking it directly to the vehicle. There is also our Fleecemate, which is a protective sleeve that can be used with the other accessories to protect the vehicle’s paint job, which is especially handy for those newer toys. All of our accessories come in a package of two.

Marine Tie Downs

Marine Tie Downs For the avid boat lovers, we have our Steadymate Transom Trappers to help you get your boat to the lake quicker and easier so that you can have more time on the water. We offer three types of Marine Tie Downs, and each Transom Trapper is engineered to provide efficient security thanks to our strong webbing and our durable rust-resistant hardware. They’re designed to provide a steady grip on your boat, and they’re equipped with a handy gel coat protector to prevent the hardware from scratching the boat’s surface.

Marine Accessories

Marine Accessory Tie down your boat with even more confidence using any of our reliably strong Marine Accessories. These accessories provide flexible support for your tie down job, helping you get that boat to the water quicker and more efficiently. There’s a Boat Bow Safety Strap that prevents the boat from bouncing off your bow rollers. There’s a Personal Watercraft Strap designed to support your jet skis and such. There’s a Boat Winch Strap for the securement jobs that require a winch. And there’s a Gunwale Strap that covers your entire boat from one side to the other for a steadier securement job. Pick from any of these accessories that you want for an even stronger tie down job.

Snowmobile & ATV Tow Strap

Tow Strap Snow and mud are no match against our #1 selling tow strap, the Snowmobile & ATV Tow Strap. This 1" x 15’ strap, equipped with a pair of industrial strength and highly durable Snap Hooks, helps pull your recreational vehicle out of some of the deepest slush or the slickest mud with ease. The Soft Loop, while durable, also protects the vehicle’s chrome and paint from scratches. Instead of getting stuck in the snow, have our Snowmobile & ATV Tow Strap handy to get yourself out of nearly any difficult situation.

1" Utility Straps

Utitility Straps Our 1" Utility Straps are ideal to use for the smaller tie down jobs that don’t require the kind of force a standard Ratchet Strap or Winch Strap has. These straps are designed to keep your loads, boxes, smaller vehicles, or any other item from moving, providing optimal security with very little effort. Engineered with flexible webbing, these straps are equipped with a pair of durable Wire Hooks, Wire Hooks with D-Rings, and Vinyl Coated S Hooks to help with the tie down job. In addition to individually sold Utility Straps, we also offer a convenient package of four 12’ Ratchet Buckle Utility Straps or four 6’ Cam Buckle Utility Straps for your tie down jobs.

Tire Nets

Tire Nets Our Tire Nets are designed to securely restrain your automobile for transport. They wrap around the tires in a snug fit to hold them in place, allowing your vehicle’s suspension to absorb the bumps of the road without wearing the suspension down. Built for reliable strength and flexibility, these nets are equipped with our easy-to-use Wide Handle Ratchet, which offers a comfortable grip for optimal leverage.

We have Tire Nets available for sized 13" to 20" tires, which are equipped with either Wire Hooks, Flat Hooks, or Snap Hooks, as well as Tire Nets for sized 13" to 16" tires and 13" to 22" tires, both of which are equipped with Wire Hooks. Also available for low wheel wells with tire sizes between 13" to 22" is our Tire Net that’s equipped with Series E or A Fittings.

Automotive Straps

Automotive Strap Tow and recovery jobs are a piece of cake with our Automotive Straps on hand. These straps are engineered to provide reliable security whenever you need to secure your vehicle to a Logistic Track. They’re equipped with the right kind of hardware for the job with end fittings that have been designed to work with nearly any kind of automobile. We also have our Axle Straps that work in combination with the tie down straps to create an even steadier grip over your vehicle.

6-Point Adjustable Pick-Up Truck Net

Truck Net Designed to fit full size pick-ups, our 6-Point Adjustable Pick-Up Truck Net is constructed from tightly weaved polyester webbing to give it the strength you need to hold down your cargo to the back of your truck. With a grid size of 8" x 10", your items are going to have a tough time slipping through the net’s holes. The Cam Buckles allow for adjustments at three of the six points for easier managing. This kind of flexibility means that you can easily secure different loads of various shapes and sizes to the back of your pick-up. Our Pick-Up Truck Net meets the new North American Cargo Securement standards and requirements for securing a load.

Wheel Chock

WheelChock Use Kinedyne’s Steadymate Wheel Chock to assist you in transporting or working on your two-wheeler. Whether it’s a bicycle, motorcycle, or dirt bike, this heavy-duty Wheel Chock ideally secures your vehicle in an upright position for easier access, transportation, and maintenance. It comes standard with rubber non-slip feet for when you want to display the vehicle in a shop along with mounting hardware for when you want to transport the vehicle in your trailer. Assembly takes 15 minutes and allows for one-person tie down operation.

Tree Saver

Tree Saver Kinedyne is doing our part for Mother Nature with our durable Tree Saver. This convenient tool is designed to protect tree trunks from damage that can be caused by chains and cables. It’s strong enough to keep a secure grip on your vehicle when parked at an incline or on your boat to keep it from drifting out into the water. It also prevents tree sap from covering your rope or tie down strap. The Tree Saver is not to be used for lifting or towing.

Anchor/Securement Points

Anchor/Securement Points It’s not a secure tie down job without a strong and durable Anchor/Securement Point that you can rely on. That’s why we provide you with a complete line of exceptionally strong anchor points that can be used with the tie down assembly of your choice. Install these anywhere within your trailer to create a permanent securement solution for your tie down job. They’re designed to run flush against the surface of the trailer floor, making them ideal for securing loads with wheels. Along with these Pan Fittings, we have Anchor Kits available that provide you with everything you need to install a Logistic Track that offers a number of different tie down points for your tie down job.

Securement Point Fittings

Securement Point Securement Point Fittings work together with our Logistic Tracks to establish a strong and reliable anchor point for your tie down job. Whether it’s for tying down your recreational vehicle or for your cargo, these fittings are built with the strength to create a stable hold anywhere along the Logistic Track. We carry a number of different types of Securement Points for Series E, A, or L Tracks. All it takes is a few seconds and a snap, and you’ll have a solid attachment point for the tie down assembly of your choice.

Storage Bag

Storage Bag Most utility trailers offer little to no storage. The Storage Bag, designed for E Track and E Kits, can be used for all your accessories and tie down straps. This bag is 14" x 24" and is equipped with a pair of Spring Loaded Series E or A Fittings for easy attachment and storage. Hang it up on the track so that your Logistic supplies can be within your reach whenever you need them.

Vinyl Ratchet Cover

Vinyl Ratchet Cover Ratchet Buckles are thick, solid pieces of steel that may cause some damage if they’re just left to constantly bash against your vehicle’s surface. Even if they’re secure, they tend to vibrate during transportation, and those sharp edges can really scratch. Our solution is our handy Vinyl Ratchet Cover. Easy to use, this cover can be placed around a 1" or 2" Ratchet Buckle in seconds, acting as a cushion that prevents the Ratchet from knocking against the vehicle while offering reliable protection for your expensive toy.

Logistic Tracks

Logistic Track Kinedyne offers a complete line of supportive Logistic Tracks to provide a series of reliable anchor points for your cargo securement job. They can also be used to hold down those valuable recreational vehicles of yours. Use them with Logistic Straps, Logistic Beams, or Logistic Bars to make your securement job a lot easier. The Series E, A, F, or L Tracks can be easily installed anywhere on the floor or walls of your trailer. We have a variety of different options. Choose between horizontal or vertical, 10 feet or 5 feet, steel or aluminum. Pick which track works for your securement job. Series L Tracks are recommended for recreational tie down jobs since they can be flushed mounted to the floor, making them the ideal choice for securing anything with wheels as they smoothly roll over the track.

Heavy-Duty D-Rings

Heavy Duty D-Rings Create a solid and reliable anchor point anywhere on your vehicle with our Heavy-Duty D-Rings. We carry weld-on and bolt-on rings of various sizes to accommodate nearly any kind of end fitting, including hooks, straps, and chains. They’re built thick and sturdy out of heat-treated carbon steel to give them the strength to create a reliable hold over your important cargo.

Tarp Ties

Tarp Ties For securing tarps over your load, we carry fully assembled Tarp Ties as well as all of the hardware and rope needed to create your own. We offer two types of Tarp Ties: Natural Rubber and EPDM. Whichever one you choose depends on the kind of climate you’re traveling through. Natural Rubber remains pliable and stretchy in colder weather and frigid winters. It does not crack or immediately freeze, keeping its strength for the long haul. On the other hand, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is engineered to withstand the dry heat and burning sun of desert climates and summer months. It retains its strength even when being bombarded by scorching UV rays.

These Tarp Ties are available in a variety of lengths and come fully assembled. Since one Tarp Tie is never enough to secure really any kind of load, we offer them in a package of 50 per box. Versatile 150’ Rubber Rope and S Hooks or S-J Hooks are also sold separately for those who wish to build their own custom sized Tarp Tie.

Logistic Straps

Logistic Straps Interior Van tie down jobs are made a lot simpler with the use of our durable and strong 12’, 16’, or 20’ Logistic Straps. Strong enough to handle nearly any kind of securement job, these straps are engineered with reliable hardware and flexible webbing to help you create a stable hold over your load. We carry straps that are equipped with either our easy-to-use Cam Buckles or our quick-to-use Ratchet Buckles, both of which provide maximum support as they tension the web. Each strap is equipped with a pair of Series E or A Spring Loaded Fittings, Series E or A 3-Piece Fittings, Series F 3/4" Hole Fittings, Series F 1" Hole Fittings, or our universal Narrow Wire Hooks or Plate Trailer Hooks, which can be used with any of the Logistic Tracks. Each fitting is designed to provide a strong hold on the Logistic Track as they work together with the rest of the Logistic Strap to establish a steady grip over your cargo.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps Built with durable webbing and equipped with strong hardware, our Ratchet Straps provide maximum tensioning and security for your heavy-duty tie down jobs. This combination of hardware and webbing gives our Ratchet Straps the strength they need to provide a solid and stable hold over your valuable cargo. Whether they’re for recreational or industrial purposes, these are the straps that you can trust to get everything to and from your destination in one piece.

Available in 2", 3", or 4" widths and 27’ or 30’ lengths with a variety of secure end fittings and different sized handles, we carry a strap for nearly any situation. Our Flat Hooks easily attach to the flatbed’s stake pockets or side rails while our Wire Hooks easily attach to the hard-to-reach anchor points. Carrying some rough cargo? That’s where our Chain Anchors come into play with their effectively durable hold over the load. Choose from our reliable standard, our industrial strength K-FORCE, or our enhanced durable Rhino MAX webbing for the job that needs to get done right. Find out exactly what makes our Ratchet Straps the ideal tie down solution for your cargo securement.


Strap Paks Bag It, Don’t Drag It with our extremely convenient StrapPaks. These storage bags are Kinedyne’s more reliable solution to securing up to 30’ of loose, excessive straps when compared to the ineffective use of rubber bands, zip ties, and duct tape. Very easy to use, they can also be used as a handy storage container for your Ratchet Strap whenever you’re not using it, saving a lot of space in your workshop or garage. The StrapPak is available either with a complete Flat Hook or Wire Hook Ratchet Strap, with a Fixed End Replacement for a Ratchet Strap, or as a stand-alone storage bag that can attach to any standard 2" Ratchet Strap.