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Our Logistic Bars are engineered to hold your load securely in place with the use of a Series F 3/4" USA Logistic Track or a Series F 1" Hole Canadian Logistic Track. These bars are a vital component to help keep bulky, heavy-duty cargo secured as they’re transported in... the back of a trailer. An unsecured load can cause significant damage to the interior of the van or to other items stored there. The Logistic Bar is a lightweight solution to keeping the back of the trailer organized for easier loading and unloading. They hold the cargo up against the wall or against other bars to prevent them from falling over anytime the vehicle hits a pothole or a curb. This can also open up more usable space, allowing you to store more cargo effectively.

No Logistic Tracks installed in the trailer? That’s not a problem for our handy Jack Bars. Jack Bars differ from regular Logistic Bars because they use a pumping mechanism to apply pressure to the trailer walls in order to keep the bar securely held in place. This suction method, along with our patented quick-release handle assembly, make our Jack Bars the ideal way to secure your load when you don’t have Logistic Tracks to work with. We offer different types of Jack Bars, including one with a Hoop Set, our Saf-T-Bar, and our Retract-A-Bar, all of which provide optimal security with minimal weight.

The Logistic Bars are never to be used in decking applications. The Jack Bars are not to be used with cargo on wheels, which exert more force when they shift during movement and can cause friction type cargo bars to fail.

Logistic Bars

Series Type
Type of Bar
Type of Bar End Fitting
Shoring Working Load Limit (lbs)
Vertical Working Load Limit (lbs)
Minimum Length (inches)
Maximum Length (inches)
Bar Material
Bar Finish
Bar Adjustment Mechanism
Horizontal Application
Vertical Application
Shape of Bar
Tube Width (inches)
Tube Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
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