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Logistic Beams are a very handy way of not only providing a securement option for cargo but also creating more organized space within the trailer, which can reduce freight damage, reduce wasted time, and reduce the number of trips to and from the terminal.... They can be used for both decking and shoring applications to help make securing and organizing your cargo much easier.

For decking applications, these Logistic Beams are built with the strength to support an extra layer of cargo on the inside of the trailer. Use this added floor to increase your trailer’s capacity, increasing the amount of loads you can secure while reducing the number of trips needed to transport everything. This can also reduce the risk of damaged freight since you’re no longer stacking uneven items on top of each other.

For shoring applications, the Logistic Beams create a solid and supportive hold on the cargo, keeping everything in place while acting as a strong barrier between loads. Not only does this help keep cargo from hitting each other, separating loads keeps the inside of the trailer more organized. The beams can help prevent different loads for different deliveries mixing together, creating a jumbled mess that requires sorting, which can inevitably waste valuable time.

Take a look at the different Decking/Shoring Logistic Beams we have available to help make your securement job easier and your trailer more organized.

Logistic Beams

Decking Working Load Limit (lbs)
Decking Working Load Limit (kgs)
Shoring Working Load Limit (lbs)
Shoring Working Load Limit (kgs)
Adjusts from min to max (inches)
Trailer Width (inches)
Minimum Length (inches)
Maximum Length (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Width (inches)
Height (inches)
Beam Material
Beam Finish