Getting the boat to the water is just as important as getting the boat on the water. To help with the first part, we have our Steadymate’s Marine Transom Trappers that can be used to secure your boat to your vehicle for easier transportation. ... Designed for optimal protection using high-quality webbing and hardware, all three straps come with an extra-long 3-4-inch wide gel coat protector that prevents the hardware from scratching the boat along with a built-in Velcro guide that keeps the protector from shifting around. This Velcro guide can also be used to store any excess webbing. We take extra care to make sure your boat is in good care. Our Transom Trappers are DOT Regulation Compliant with DOT Regulation Compliant Tags.


Width (inches)
Length (inches)
Length (feet)
Working Load Limit - Assembly (lbs)
Breaking Strength - Assembly (lbs)
Built-in Gel Coat Protector
Type of Tension Device
Type of End Fittings