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Kinedyne provides high-quality products made with strength and vigor in mind for some of the toughest military applications. We offer a wide selection of ... different securement equipment, made with pride, for recovering vehicles and tying down cargo. Each item is manufactured to meet military specifications and offer strong and reliable usage. Contact the Kinedyne Government, Military, and Specialty Division to learn more about these military grade cargo securement products.




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NSN Products

NSN ProductsKinedyne is dedicated to produce all of our NSN Products to the highest degree of quality. They each are built with the user in mind, providing them with strong and durable products to help with their cargo securement solutions.

Tow Straps

Military Tow StrapTrust Kinedyne’s Humvee Tow Strap to get your vehicle out of difficult situations. This 3" x 10’ strap is equipped with a pair of durable Twisted Eye Loops to help you out with your crucial tow and recovery jobs. The Humvee Tow Strap is engineered to meet military specifications and can be used by the military in the US and internationally for vehicle recovery in mud, water, sand, etc. With its unshakable grip and unparalleled strength, this effective tow strap is an asset for anyone who takes the road less traveled.

Military Ratchet Straps

StrapKinedyne has a long history of designing, engineering, and manufacturing our Ratchet Straps, so it’s no surprise that our Military Ratchet Straps are some of the best and most reliable in the industry. These straps are engineered with the durability needed to withstand the harsh conditions often faced in the military along with the strength to keep a solid and securing hold over your valuable military cargo.

Cargo Nets

NetKeep the whole load under control with our especially tough Cargo Nets. The 20" x 20" net covers all of the cargo, keeping everything contained underneath. The holes in the net are large enough for some breathing room to prevent corners from digging into the net while small enough to prevent anything from accidentally slipping through.

Military Utility Straps

Military Utility StrapsSecure smaller cargo using Kinedyne’s handy Military Utility Straps. Just because the load is small doesn’t make it any less important to secure. Just like how the size of our 1" Utility Straps are as strong and durable as the rest of our tie down straps. Their elasticity and flexibility make them easy to work with, especially when securing items such as ammo.

Tie Downs

Tie DownWe bring you nothing short of top quality for top quality jobs when it comes to our Tie Downs. These straps are designed to provide effective securement for vital cargo, keeping your loads in place during transit. From our aircraft cargo securement strap CGU-1/B to our heavy-duty General Purpose Tie Down Strap, we have nearly every kind of tie down strap available to help with your securement job. Control is absolutely vital in the military, so let us help you regain control over the cargo.

Military Winch Straps

Military Winch StrapIn order to engineer our Military Winch Straps, we’ve taken highly durable webbing and combined it with industrial strength hardware to create a tie down assembly that’s more than ready to secure your cargo. These straps are very easy to use with your vehicle’s winches and are strong enough to retain their holding power for longer.

Military Transport Chains

Military Transport ChainTougher, rougher loads need the durability of Kinedyne’s Military Transport Chain. These chains are engineered using Grade 70 Chain, giving them the holding strength needed to efficiently secure the cargo. When webbing just won’t cut it without getting cut, that’s when you pull out our Transport Chains.

Military Rubber Rope

Military Rubber RopeCombine our Military Rubber Rope with a set of durable S Hooks to create a reliable Tarp Tie that keeps your tarp secured and continually covering your valuable cargo. This Rubber Rope is made from EPDM Rubber, which has a high resistance to dry and hot climates. It retains its stretching power even after many uses, even after baking in the sun for long.

Military Rope Tie-Offs

Military Rope Tie-OffIn order to give your tie down job a bit more flexibility, we recommend using our Military Rope Tie-Offs. These Tie-Offs are made from durable webbing combined with a strong D-Ring, which makes connecting it to the tie down assembly of your choice a lot easier. They offer more give and versatility compared to just inserting the tie down strap directly into the anchor point.

Military Logistic Straps

Military Logistic StrapKeep cargo in the back of the van from toppling over with the reliable strength of Kinedyne’s Military Logistic Straps. These straps are equipped with sturdy end fittings that pair with most types of Logistic Tracks, such as Series E or A, L, and F. They provide you with a more flexible tie down job as you can wrap the cargo with their strong webbing and hold it down or against the wall.

Military Cargo Webbing

WebbingKinedyne’s Military Cargo Webbing is engineered under our direct quality control to ensure their high-quality and high-performance. The webbing is made from highly elastic nylon thread that’s woven tightly for enhanced durability. This webbing is designed to last longer even when under rigorous abuse and stress.

Military Ratchet Buckles

StrapOur Military Ratchet Buckles are engineered to provide smooth and even tensioning. The handles are designed for a comfortable grip and optimal leverage so there’s no struggle to find a good position. Operating these ratchets is a very simple process that will have your load firmly secured to your trailer in no time.

Military Flat Hooks

Military Flat HookDesigned for easier attachments, our Military Flat Hooks are manufactured for maximum strength. They’re easy to attach to the vehicle’s stake pocket or side rail. Built from heat-treated carbon steel, they have the durability to last long and the reliability to work any time they’re needed.

Military Snap Hooks

Military Snap HookHook up our Military Snap Hooks in a snap. These hooks provide a strong holding power for the rest of the tie down assembly. Snap Hooks are equipped with a latch that provides extra security as it helps prevent the hook from coming undone during transit, making them a more reliable option in the industry.

Military Wire Hooks

Military Wire HookIf you’re having some difficulty with the bulkier end fittings, switch to using Kinedyne’s Military Wire Hooks. These hooks are manufactured with a narrower frame so that it’s easier to squeeze them into hard-to-reach places. If the anchor points are difficult to reach, they’re no match against the strength of these Wire Hooks.

Military D-Rings

Military D-RingKinedyne’s Military D-Rings are engineered for optimal durability so that they can retain their grip over your vehicle’s hooks. They’re built to withstand harsh tie down environments, making them an excellent choice for the tough military conditions. These D-Rings are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most tie down hooks.

Military Securement Point Fittings

Military Securement Point FittingCreate a strong and reliable tie down point with our Military Securement Point Fittings. These fittings easily click into a Logistic Track’s opening to provide a solid and firm connection. Once in place, these fittings stay in place for a reliable tie down job. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate the tie down of your choice.

Military Jaw Fittings

Military Jaw FittingKinedyne’s Military Jaw Fittings are available in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Each of these fittings are built for durable strength and reliable holding power. They’re excellent to use for a variety of military applications.

Military Cam Buckles

Military Cam BuckleGet full control over your tie down job with Kinedyne’s Military Cam Buckles. These buckles put tensioning power directly into your hands so that you can easily determine exactly how tight you want the tie down strap to be. Our durable Cam Buckles are built for fast and easy securement.

Military Anchor Securement

Military Anchor SecurementA successful cargo securement job requires a strong and reliable securement point, which is what you get with our Military Anchor Securement. These anchors are easy to install and are designed to run flush against the trailer floor. This makes it so much easier to secure wheeled cargo as the anchor points don’t act as an obstacle when securing your load.