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For the jobs that take you through rough off-road terrain, you’ll need our sturdy and reliable Off-Road Tire Chains to help keep a steady grip on the road. Durable and lightweight, ... these high-performance chains are easy to install, easy to remove, and can be used throughout the year for different types of situations.

Our high strength/hardened carbon steel Off-Road Tire Chains are designed to provide maximum heavy-duty durability in some of the toughest conditions. They work to get you through mud, stone, and snow, among other things, and are available in sizes 7mm and 8mm, both of which provide superior strength.

The heavy-duty 7mm and 8mm Off Road Tire Chains come with 14 to 32 cross link chains (depending on the style and size of Tire Chain) that provides superior tractive characteristics. These chains come with four tensioning cams on single models and eight tensioning cams on dual-triples (four on the inside, four on the outside) for quick tightening and reliable tightening. Having multiple tensioning cams means more even tensioning, keeping a balanced security on both sides of the tires. The dual-triples are designed to evenly fit over both sets of tires, and these chains work seamlessly with larger diameter tires.

Off-Road Tire Chains

Single Tire Chain
Dual-Triple Tire Chain
Tire Size
Traction hardware type on Cross Link Chain
Traction hardware Diameter on Cross Link Chain (mm
Weight of a complete set of Tire Chains (lbs)
Side Wall Chain Diameter (mm)
High Strength/Hardened Carbon Steel Center Chain
Center Chain Diameter (mm)