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Flexible Placement, Portable Winch

Portable Winches are an impermanent solution that offer greater flexibility for your tie down jobs. Able to be quickly and easily installed, removed, and relocated within minutes, these winches are especially useful for those who need to constantly switch between different flatbed trailers, allowing you to take the winch along with you. They can be placed anywhere applicable along the flatbed trailer, making them ideal for the constantly changing cargo control industry. When they’re not in use, be sure to remove the winches and store them in a dry location....

Portable Winch set screws are designed to position the winch while the tie down assembly is being tensioned. They shall only be "snug" tight. Over tightening of the screws may cause the bracket to bend, weakening the winch and causing it to fail. Be cautious and avoid over tensioning.

Portable Winches

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