Ratchet, Tie-Down, & Winch Straps

Just how strong are our tie down straps? As strong as you need....

Tie down straps are some of the most reliable securement methods in the industry. We carry straps that can help secure your pallets, equipment, vehicles, recreational toys, and much more. Whether it’s for industrial or recreational purposes, we have nearly every kind of strap for nearly every kind of tie down job.

These straps are engineered using our tightly weaved polyester webbing in combination with industrial strength Flat Hooks, Wire Hooks, Chain Anchors, Delta Rings, S Hooks, J Hooks, Cluster Hooks, Snap Hooks, Series E, A, F, and L Fittings, and a great deal more, each offering a durable and solid hold over your vehicle’s anchor points. The tie downs are designed to work flawlessly with the right tensioning device, whether it’s a Ratchet, Winch, or Cam Buckle. This effective synergy of webbing and hardware creates a reliable, secure, and stabilizing hold over your valuable cargo.




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Winch Straps

Winch Strap Designed to harness the strength and power of the winch, these high-performing Winch Straps provide a strong and effective coverage over your entire load, keeping everything help down and stable for the long haul.

We carry 2" Winch Straps equipped with Flat Hooks, Chain Anchors, and Wire Hooks; 3" Winch Straps with Delta Rings, Chain Anchors, Flat Hooks, and Wire Hooks; and 4" Winch Straps with Sewn Loops, Wire Hooks, Delta Rings, Chain Anchors, Flat Hooks, and a special strap with no hardware for winch-to-winch applications. The straps are available in our standard webbing, K-FORCE webbing, or Rhino MAX webbing.

Strap Band

Strap Band A very handy accessory for any Winch Strap user, our Strap Band has a simple design with an effective use. It’s designed to keep your Winch Straps from unraveling when they’re not in use, which is perfect for storage and maintenance. This helps prevent them from getting damaged, tangled, frayed, or lost.

Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Strap A favorite among fleet and operator-owners alike, Ratchet Straps are one of the most reliable tie down methods out there. Equipped with one of our industrial strength Ratchet handles, these straps are designed to quickly and effectively hold down your cargo against your flatbed trailer.

We offer a number of different combinations of webbing and hardware to provide you with your ideal Ratchet Strap. We carry 2", 3", and 4" straps that are engineered with signature Kinedyne Gold with Black Edge webbing, K-FORCE webbing, and Rhino MAX webbing and are equipped with either Flat Hooks, Chain Anchors, or Wire Hooks, offering you a wide variety of strength and reliability that you can choose from.


StrapPak Give us a problem, and we’ll give you the solution. Is your problem excess webbing that keeps dragging on the ground, getting caught under your tires, and whipping around in the air? Are rubber bands, zip ties, and duct tape not working? Our Bag It, Don’t Drag It solution is our handy StrapPaks, the inexpensive way to secure the loose ends of your Ratchet Straps. They secure excess web up to 30 feet in length, and they can be used on any open-air or enclosed trailer or utility truck. We offer our StrapPaks attached to our 2" Wide Handle Ratchet Strap with either Flat Hooks or Wire Hooks and our 2" Long Wide Handle Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks. Get the StrapPak to store and preserve your straps today.

StrapPak Replacement

StrapPak Replace In addition to StrapPaks attached to our 2" Ratchet Straps, we also have individual StrapPaks available. These handy storage bags can be easily attached to any standard 2" Ratchet Strap, so you can just grab them and secure them whenever you need to get those loose ends up from off the ground. We also have a StrapPak equipped to a Fixed End Replacement, so you can attach it to any 2" Ratchet Strap’s Adjustable End to give it that convenient upgrade you’re looking for.

Utility Straps

Utility Strap The cargo control industry deals with a lot of different sized cargo, and some of it isn’t always the heavy-duty kind. When you need to secure some of the smaller objects with the same kind of trusted Kinedyne-strength you get from our Winch Straps and Ratchet Straps, you can always use our durable and flexible 1" Utility Straps. These straps are designed for general purpose tie down jobs, such as securing paint cans rolling around in your trunk or toolboxes rattling around back there. Using our powerful Ratchet and Winch Straps is a bit overkill for those kind of jobs, so instead, just pull out our Utility Straps to get everything right back under your control. These straps are equipped with an easy-to-use Wide or Standard Handle Ratchet Buckle or a quick-to-use Cam Buckle along with Wire Hooks, D-Rings, and S Hooks.

Logistic Straps

Logistic Strap For the interior van tie down jobs, you’ll want the flexible security of Kinedyne’s Logistic Straps to get the job done. Equipped with End Fittings designed to easily click into Series E, A, or F Logistic Tracks, our 12’, 16’, and 20’ straps are engineered to provide you with the strength to keep your cargo from falling over in the back of your trailer.

These 1 3/4" and 2" Logistic Straps use our industrial strength 811 Standard Handle Ratchet to easily tighten down the webbing. Made with the user in mind, our Ratchet is designed to provide strong tensioning with very little effort, offering a comfortable grip for your hand as you operate it. For the more lightweight jobs that don’t require the Ratchet’s aggressive strength, we recommend using our 910 Cam Buckle. The Cam Buckle is easier to maneuver, and it provides quick and easy tensioning when securing items such as glass and windows.

Automotive Straps

Automotive Straps For whenever you need to reliably tow your vehicle, we have the Automotive Straps to make your tow and recovery jobs quick and easy. Available is our strong and durable Axle Straps, which wrap around your vehicle’s rear axle or chassis to provide a reliable anchor point for holding down your car. These straps are made from our extra-durable rhino-tough Rhino MAX webbing and are offered in a variety of lengths. A handy protective sleeve is also an option if you want even more durability.

These Axle Straps can work flawlessly with any of our Auto Tie-Down Straps. These include our Auto Tie-Down Strap that’s equipped with our handy Cluster Hook, which contains a hook for most car makes, as well as our Auto Tie-Down with E Fittings and a Universal Auto Hook that’s used for transporting vehicles inside or on a trailer. In addition, we also have our strong Auto Ratchet Tie-Down, which is made from our heavy-duty Rhino MAX webbing and is used in combination of our Axle Straps to provide you optimal security for transporting your vehicle.

Recreational Vehicle Tie-Downs

Recreational Vehicle Tie-Downs We’ve got a Steadymate Cinchtite Tie-Down for any motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, or personal watercraft that needs to be reliably and effectively secured for transport. We carry 6 Cinchtite straps, each equipped with the right kind of hardware you need for securing your recreational toys. This includes our corrosion resistant S Hooks, scratch resistant S Hooks, protective Soft Loops, and positive lock military Snap Hooks along with our fast-acting Cam Buckles or our quick-tightening Ratchet Buckles. Take a look and pick between 1-6 to see which Cinchtite Tie-Down is right for the job. They all come 2 in a box with full instructions; remember that you need 4 of them to properly secure your vehicle.

Marine Tie-Downs

Marine Tie-Downs Transport your boat to the water efficiently with any of our Marine Tie-Downs. Built not only to provide optimal security for tying down your boat, but our Steadymate’s Transom Trapper’s are equipped with extra-long, 3-4-inch wide gel coat protectors that prevent the tensioning devices from scratching up the boat’s surface, preventing any unfortunate cosmetic damages. These tie downs are equipped with strong Cam Buckles, Overcenter Buckles, or Ratchet Buckles to provide ideal tensioning in no time. The high-quality Snap Hooks are designed to prevent the hooks from coming undone during transit, so your boat remains secure throughout your trip to the lake.

To help make your transport job even easier, we carry a number of helpful accessories. We have a Boat Bow Safety Strap to prevent your boat from bouncing off your Bow Rollers. There’s our Personal Watercraft Strap for securing those smaller toys. Our Boat Winch Strap is ideal for those with a boat that’s equipped with a winch. Finally, we have our Gunwale Straps, available with both a Cam Buckle and a Ratchet Buckle, that go around the boat from on side of the trailer to the other for added security. Pick any of these accessories to make your tie down job more efficient.

Recreational Vehicle Tie-Down Accessories

Recreational Vehicle Tie-Down Accessories There are a number of different Recreational Vehicle Tie-Down Accessories available to help make your tie down jobs as quick, efficient, secure, and reliable as possible. The Handle Strap, Soft Loop, and Kwik Strap are all designed to work with our Cinchtite 1 and Cinchtite 2 to provide even more security. We also have our Fleecemate available, which fits right onto our Cinchtite Tie-Downs and our Handle Straps and Soft Loops to create a protective barrier between the strap and the vehicle to prevent any scratching or marring to your toy’s surface.

Automotive Wheel/Tire Nets

Automotive Wheel/Tire Nets Get your vehicle to where it needs to go with our strong and reliable Automotive Wheel/Tire Nets available for your recovery and tow jobs. We have helpful Tire Nets available for sized 13" to 20" tires, 13" to 16" tires, and 13" to 22" tires. We’ve equipped our Tire Nets for 13" to 20" tires with durable Wire Hooks, strong Flat Hooks, or reliable Snap Hooks. Tire Nets for sized 13" to 16" tires and for sized 13" to 22" tires are equipped with our easy-to-use Wire Hooks for a reliable tie down job. These nets with basket configurations are designed to provide flexible adjustment to help you secure your vehicle.

Automotive Wheel/Tire Straps

Automotive Wheel/Tire Straps We provide high-performing Automotive Wheel/Tire Straps to help you tie down your vehicle’s tires to create optimal security for your transport job. Our FE8306-1 E/A Fittings Strap is engineered to work with race cars, exotic cars, and specialty cars, offering them the kind of strength you can only find with Kinedyne and Steadymate. Along with our TN-061HD2C with Wire Hooks Strap, these Tire Straps securely restrain your vehicle by the tires, keeping it from moving around during transit. or your convenience, we also have Replacement Plastic Cleats for your 13" to 22" Tre Nets with Wire Hooks.