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Securement Points are designed to work effectively with Logistic Tracks to create a solid and reliable anchor point for the tie down assembly of your choice. We offer many different types of fittings that can be used with Series E, A, or L Tracks. ... They can easily click into the track to create a strong attachment point anywhere you need it along the track, providing you with the means to confidently secure your cargo inside your trailer. Made from heat-treated carbon steel, these fittings offer industrial strength and enhanced durability and only take a few seconds to snap into the appropriate Logistic Track.

In addition to providing the ideal way to reliably secure your load for storage or transit, we also offer a special Securement Point that creates a convenient way to store Logistic Beams along the track. The E-Key Fitting allows you to hang multiple Beams from the wall whenever they’re not in use.

Securement Point Fittings

0° Working Load Limit (lbs)
45° Working Load Limit (lbs)
90° Working Load Limit (lbs)
0° Breaking Strength (lbs)
45° Breaking Strength (lbs)
90° Breaking Strength (lbs)
Series Type
Width of Webbing Slot (inches)
Overall Height (inches)
Overall Width (inches)
Overall Length (inches)
Height of Ring (inches)
Thickness of Ring (inches)
Length of Ring (inches)
Height of Bolt (inches)
Thickness of Bolt (inches)
Width of Stud Nut (inches)
Dimension of Hole
Weight (lbs)
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