Loose excess Ratchet Straps can be as much of a hazard as they are an annoyance. In addition to running the risk of getting run over by your vehicle, wearing them down way before their natural lifespan,... loose straps flapping around in the breeze can cause potential harm to bystanders and operators alike. There are many ways to secure them, but most of these can prove to be inadequate, temporary solutions. Duct tape can easily come undone. Rubber bands are brittle and prone to snapping. Bungie cords come with a lot of untangling. Plastic zip ties are only good one-time uses. Instead, Kinedyne is offering our permanent and helpful solution to this problem with our StrapPak.

Bag it, don’t drag it with Kinedyne’s StrapPak Ratchet Accessory, which offers a quick and inexpensive way to secure the loose ends of your Ratchet Straps. This extremely convenient accessory is available with some of our strong and durable 2" Ratchet Straps, including our Flat Hook Wide Handle Ratchet Straps, Flat Hook Long Wide Handle Ratchet Straps, and Wire Hook Wide Handle Ratchet Straps. In addition to keeping our loose ends held firmly in place and out of the way, our StrapPak also serves as a handy storage solution for your Ratchet Strap whenever you’re not using it. No more tossing it into a plastic container where it will easily tangle. Our StrapPak protects the Ratchet Strap while also freeing up much-needed space in your garage or workplace.

Operating our StrapPak is very easy. What you first need to do is open the Ratchet to an approximate 120-degree angle. Starting with the free end of the Strap, fold over approximately 6 inches of material and continue folding excess web to create a flat loop. Insert this flat loop into the open end of the StrapPak and then close the Ratchet handle. The top of the bag will remain secure when held in place by the Ratchet handle in a fully closed position. Now your webbing is safely protected and secured so that it’s not posing a potential danger to itself, to the cargo, and to others.


Width (inches)
Length (feet)
Working Load Limit - Assembly (lbs)
Breaking Strength - Assembly (lbs)
Type of Tension Device
Type of End Fittings
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