Tire Chains

Be prepared for the rough, slippery roads with Kinedyne’s Grip Link Tire Chains. These tire chains offer the ideal solution to worry-free traction over slippery roads covered in ice and snow, over uneven, bumpy terrain, and through difficult environments... such as forest floors, rock, and mud. Our tire chains help you maintain control over your vehicle whether you’re traversing on the highway or off-road.

Whether you’re driving through the snow during winter or driving through the muddy fields of spring, our tire chains are good to have on hand all year round. We’re offering a series of different Grip Link Tire Chains that are useful in a variety of different situations. All styles of Tire Chains come in 11 x 22.5 and 11 x 24.5 sized singles that easily fit over one tire and in 11 x 22.5 and 11 x 24.5 sized dual-triples that fit over two drive tires.

All of our Grip Link Tire Chains are sold in sets, i.e. both sides of the vehicle. Every set ships in an easy-to-carry and easy-to-store plastic pail. For dual-triples, two pails are required in order to complete one set.

While tire chains are installed, drivers must not exceed 50 KM/H (31 MPH). Note that tire chains are designed to add traction only. They must not be used as a solution to help equipment that is stuck. They are to be removed before driving outside of their intended conditions. Not removing them could result in damage to both the tires and the road.




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Highway Tire Chains

Grip Link V-Bar For trucks that make frequent trips over the highway, we have our Highway Tire Chains available in different styles and sizes. These different styles have to do with the shape of the cross links. The V-Bar Tire Chains have links that are V-shaped. These links act as solid little icepicks that pierce the ice, working to propel the tire forward even over a slippery surface. The Square Link Tire Chains, as the name implies, have square-shaped links. These links are designed to cover more ground, helping you maintain a better grip on the highway. Both styles of tire chains are designed to provide optimal grip on the highway’s surface even if the highway is covered in snow or ice or mud.

Off-Road Tire Chains

Tire Chain Need to take the job off-road over some intense and uneven terrain? Then you need our heavy-duty Off-Road Tire Chains. We offer these tire chains in sizes 7mm and 8mm, so the choice really depends on the size of the tires. Both of these tire chains are engineered for the heavy-duty work since drivers often encounter some of the harshest, toughest conditions while traveling off-road. Built for solid, sturdy strength and durability, our tough tire chains are designed to get the truck through those conditions easily while maintaining a strong traction over rock, mud, sand, dirt, snow, etc.

Tire Chain Repair Kits

Tire Chain Repair Kit We have a Repair Kit available for every kind of Grip Link Tire Chain. These Repair Kits have all the parts necessary to make a quick and secure fix to a broken link, including two end hooks, the appropriate cross chain, and two laplinks. Repairs should be made immediately to avoid further damage or loss of traction.

Tire Chain Pliers

Tire Chain Pliers Our Tire Chain Pliers are engineered to provide both the highest strength and durability you need to repair a broken link of a tire chain. The 32-inch-long ergonomic rubber non-slip grip Pliers are an essential tool that you should always have available whenever you travel with a set of chains installed on your tires.


T-Wrench In order to accurately tighten or loose the tensioning cams of any of our Grip Link Tire Chains, you need this handy tool. Our T-Wrench is designed to provide optimal security when it comes to tightening down the tensioning cams. This tool is necessary to install and remove any of our tire chains.

Grip Link Tire Chain Bungee

Tire Chain Bungee We have our Grip Link Tire Chain Bungee available to help quickly and easily pull your tire chains for optimal grip. Constructed with heavy-duty rubber with sturdy grab hooks equipped to six arms, this Bungee easily attaches to the tire chain and pulls it tight, working with the tensioning cams to keep a tight and secure hold on the chain, working to prevent it from loosening while out on the road.

Tire Chain Installation Instructions

Installing our tire chains is a very simple and straightforward process. First, lay the chain on the ground with the cross chains spread out. Ensure that there are no twists in the side chains or cross chains assemblies. Side chain with four tensioning cams must be located on the outside and cross chain end hooks are facing with wire ends toward the ground.

Lay the chains on top of the tire, leaving one end tucked between the tire and the ground. Drive onto the tire chain (approximately 1/4 turn of tire) then pull the chain up around the tire. Ensure the cross chain hook ends are facing away from the tire. For V-Bar and Stud Link models, the V-Bars and Studs must point away from the tire.

Pull up slack to shorten the side chain as much as possible. Join the ends on both sides of the tire chain(s) with the end hooks, making sure the cross chains and side chains are not twisted.

Insert the T-Wrench tool into the slot in the tensioning cam. Turn all the tensioning cams clockwise to tension the side chains.

The tire chain must be snug with minimal slack after tensioning. When properly tensioned, each cam will be in position with curved slot toward the center of the wheel. For models with cams on both outside and inside, the driver must tighten all cams.

If the chains are loose, undo the cams, pull out excess slack and re-hook ends to shorten side chains. The driver must drive approximately 400 meters (1/4-mile), stop and re-tension cams. Driver must periodically check tension and fit during operation.