Kinedyne’s general-purpose Utility Straps are made from 1-inch wide tightly weaved polyester webbing and are available with either Ratchet or Cam Buckle hardware. Several end fittings are available, including Wire Hooks, ... D-Rings, and Vinyl Coated S Hooks, to help you with a variety of different tie down applications that require our kind of strength and durability. These Utility Straps are packaged in a retail friendly bag and header card format.

These Straps are designed for both trucking industry securements as well as non-commercial recreational tie down jobs. Are those loose cans rolling around in the back of your truck causing an annoying ruckus? Need to bundle up some wooden planks for easier transport? Want to get your 4-wheeler to the dirt path quickly? Having difficulty hearing the radio with your toolboxes constantly knocking into each other? Did you just buy a new sofa for your apartment and you need to get it back there in one piece?

Our Utility Straps are engineered with flexible polyester webbing to give them the versatility needed to easily wrap around smaller cargo for more accurate security. One inch is all you need to experience the kind of industrial high-tensile strength our webbing has. This web easily wraps around your cargo in a snug fit and holds it down with a viselike grip.

This is the ideal tie down strap for both truckers and anyone who want to secure their recreational vehicles. We don’t just call these our general-purpose Utility Straps because it has a nice ring to it. Our Straps are designed for nearly anything that needs a quick and secure tie down that doesn’t require the overkill strength of a Ratchet Strap or Winch Strap. Just looking for a quick way to securely hold down some items, vehicles, equipment, etc.? These Utility Straps get the job done efficiently and effectively.

All of our straps are tagged with their working load limit along with the manufacturer’s name and logo written in both English and French in compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, North American Cargo Securement (NACS) standards, California Highway Patrol (CHP) standards, Web Sling & Tie Down Association (WSTDA) standards, and Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) guidelines.

Utility Straps

Width (inches)
Length (feet)
Working Load Limit - Assembly (lbs)
Breaking Strength - Assembly (lbs)
Type of Tension Device
Type of End Fittings
Fixed End Length (inches)