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Kinedyne Reflective VeeBoards

Improve Safety with our all new Reflective VeeBoards! Not only are veeboards good for keeping your straps and cargo safe, these corner protectors were also designed to illuminate your trailer whether on the road or parked. They are non-electrical, making them easily visible at any time!

Our Reflective 11" VeeBoards with Double 4.5" Slots are engineered with a stackable design that lets each VeeBoard sit on top of each other in a neat and organized pile. Convenient and flexible, this is the essential tool every trucker needs.


Reflective VeeBoard

Part #VB13-REFLECT UPC #052474024709
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Take a look at our new "To Go" kits!


VeeBoard Safety Kit

  • 4 Reflective VeeBoards

  • 8 Standard VeeBoards

  • Easy to Carry Handle!

    VeeBoard to Go Lite

    Part #VB2GO-LITE
  • 12 Standard VeeBoards

  • Easy to Carry Handle!

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