Is there a specific area on the cargo that’s more abrasive than others? Corner Protectors sometimes don’t have the right reach, so we also have our Web Protectors available that allow for more flexible protection. These Protective Sleeves allow you to choose exactly where you want the protection to be along the strap, allowing for more accurate placement than Corner Protectors. ...

The Sleeves are designed to act as a buffer between the cargo and the strap to prevent one from damaging the other. Just as abrasive cargo can harm the straps, straps can also put too much pressure on the cargo. Both require protection, which is something we offer with three different types of Web Protectors. Each made from different high-quality materials with different functions, they all come in a variety of sizes to accommodate 1" to 4" wide Ratchet Straps and Winch Straps. Take a look and decide which of them are best suited for your webbing.

Web Protectors

For Use with Webbing (Winch and Ratchet Straps)
For Use with Chain
For Use with Cable
Maximum Width of Webbing
Length (feet)
Length (inches)
Weight (lbs)
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