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Permanent Strength, Weld On Winch

Built for strength and durability, our Weld-On Winches are designed to provide ideal tensioning with little effort, making them a reliable method to tying down your important cargo. They can be easily welded onto nearly anywhere along your vehicle’s side channel.... Once installed, combine them with any Winch Straps and Winch Bars to create the ultimate tie down method for your cargo. We carry a wide range of Weld-On Winches for nearly any type of application. From low-profile to storable to 3-bar, there’s sure to be a winch that’s right for your situation.

Regarding our Weld-On Winches that have a galvanized finished, please note that welding galvanized material will form toxic fumes. Make sure that welding is done with adequate ventilation.

Weld-On Winches

Slider Type
Bottom Mount
Side Mount
Working Load Limit - When used with Webbing (lbs)
Standard Thumb Pawl
"Thumb Saver" Thumb Pawl
Breaking Strength - When used with Webbing (lbs)
Height (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Storage Capacity - Webbing Length (feet)
Maximum width of strap used with (inches)
Width (inches)
Length (inches)
Working Load Limit - When used with Cable (lbs)
Breaking Strength - When used with Cable (lbs)
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