Take a look at our wide selection of Winch Bars, each designed to provide a comfortable grip to help make your winch tie down job quicker and easier. Each of our Winch Bars feature a knurled non-slip handle for a comfortable grip along with a tapered, ... carbon-steel nose piece for extra strength. Many of our Winch Bars are available with either a painted or a chrome plated finish. Lightweight and easy to use, we’re determined to provide you with a Winch Bar that offers maximum comfort with maximum strength.

To operate our Winch Bar, simply insert it through both holes in the winch’s end cap. Be sure that the Bar is in both holes since using one hole in the end cap can damage the winch and the Winch Bar tip, which could eventually cause them to fail and injure the user. Use the Bar to wind the winch and the Winch Strap approximately a quarter turn. Remove the Bar and then repeat the process until you’ve sufficiently secured your load.

On the other hand, you could eliminate the "Remove the Bar and then repeat" step of the tightening process by giving our Ease-Z Winch Bar a try. Our Ease-Z Winch Bar allows for rotating the Bar 360 degrees without having to remove it for easier leveraging to tension a Winch Strap. This also speeds up the loading and unloading process to help get you out on the roads faster.

We also have our Standard Winch Bar, which is designed to offer a very comfortable grip that helps you gain optimal leverage easily, as well as our Combination Winch Bar and Combination Box End Winch Bar, both of which provide a much needed balance for those who tie down their cargo with both Winch Straps and chains.

When tensioning or releasing the winch tie down assembly, always stand clear to one side of the Winch Bar in case the Bar slips. Always maintain a firm grip on the Winch Bar and never release it without checking the pawl to ensure that it is fully and properly engaged between the ratchet teeth.

Our Winch Bars perform optimally and can be used in nearly any kind of weather condition. When tensioning or releasing the winch tie down in rain, ice, or snow conditions, be sure to properly position your feet and body to prevent slipping.

Winch Bars

Box End
Knurled Handle
Slip Resistant Mushroom Tip
Ergonomic Ease-Z Style
Length (inches)
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