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Afraid of settling down? Don’t worry, a lot of people are. Being committed and installing a winch to just one single spot on your flatbed trailer’s side rail isn’t for everybody. Some people want a bit more diversity, a bit more freedom in their tie down job. ... If you’re looking for a more flexible relationship with your winch, then you need to take some time to quickly install one of our Winch Tracks to your flatbed trailer. Browse our array of Winch Track options and find one that is the most suitable for your trailer.

Each of our Winch Tracks are designed to work flawlessly with our Sliding Winches and provide a more flexible tie down job. While the winches can glide smoothly along both directions on the Tracks, they lock firmly into place when tension is applied to the Winch Strap, providing a strong and reliable hold over your valuable cargo. Engineered from heat-treated carbon steel or lightweight high-strength aluminum for long-lasting use, our "C" Channel Winch Tracks and Double "L" Winch Tracks offer optimal support for your winch tie down jobs.

Winch Track

Style of Winch Track
Length (feet)
Weight (lbs)
Thickness (inches)
Width (inches)
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