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More lightweight and versatile than chains, our Wire Rope with Chain Assemblies are constructed using superior products for maximum strength and durability. The wire rope is the ideal choice for whenever you need optimal wear resistance when it comes to tying down a heavy-duty load. Not likely to degrade anytime soon, the wire rope is durable enough to resist abrasion while thin enough to resist getting crushed by equipment and cargo....

Our wire rope is available in two sizes: 1/4" and 5/16". The choice depends on the size of the load as well as its working load limit. Both are equipped with an industrial strength Clevis Grab Hook that offers strong and supportive tie down strength.

Kinedyne Wire Rope with Chain Assemblies are made from high-quality wire rope with Grade 70 chain and hooks. The identification tag, which is included to meet applicable industry regulations, is constructed from steel and threaded through the wire rope to eliminate the possibility of losing the tag.

Wire Rope with Chain Assemblies

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